Tue.Feb 14, 2012

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Why Effort Isn’t Enough to Reap the Best Rewards (Virtual Book Tour: Cynthia Kocialski)

Simple Productivity Blog

Our regular Open Loop section will appear tomorrow. As school children, we are taught that there is a clear relationship between effort and reward.

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Top Leadership Guru Marshall Goldsmith Offers His Secrets to Success

On The Job

I've been fortunate in my career to talk to a lot of really smart people. People who are not only really smart, but nice. It’s about the clients.

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10 Experiential Writing Prompts

Daily Writing Tips

Write about what you know — that’s one of the fundamental nuggets of wisdom for writers. But I don’t know anything worth writing about!” you protest. You don’t? Anything is worth writing about if the writer finds something engaging about the subject. Try these writing exercises based on firsthand observation: 1. Fiction Writing

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The U.S. Energy Boom is a Game Changer

Small Business Labs

One of the biggest shifts going on right now is the U.S. oil and gas boom. Domestic oil output is the highest in eight years. energy scene is shifting.

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25 Subordinating Conjunctions

Daily Writing Tips

If you’re having trouble developing sentences with sufficient variety to keep your writing fresh, take a ride on A WHITE BUS. No, I’m not shouting at you; A WHITE BUS is a mnemonic initialism that reminds you about a set of conjunctions with which you can begin dependent clauses. (A After dinner, we’ll go see a movie.”. 10. “ 11. “ 12. “ 13. “

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Free Q & A today: Feb 14 @ 3 pm eastern

Job Advice Blog

Entertaining, empowering, no BS answers to your questions based on 22 years of working with hiring authorities. You’ll find them addicting – many of the same people attend whether they have questions or not. Recording always provided. Register at www.AskFindthePerfectJob.com Thank you for providing the Q&A sessions and the recording.

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Moxie Tip 118: Get to Know Copyright Law

Virtual Moxie

We've been living in a time where people have shared a little too freely--especially what hasn't been theirs to share. It's easy to do, when all around people are modeling that free sharing. But it's not right. And it's not legal. So do yourself a favor and learn about copyright law.