Wed.Jun 12, 2019

How to Apply Good Financial Habits to the Rest of Your Life

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It’s easy to see how having good money habits can make you feel better. More money in your pocket means you are able to go grocery shopping and get that fancy cheese, get your oil changed, and maybe shell out for another TV subscription.

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Getting Things Done

Office Dynamics

Getting things done in the workplace is one of my favorite topics to speak on and write about. I have been passionate about this topic for 28 years.

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Useful Text Marketing Features for E-Commerce Business

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The growth of internet and social media has led many marketers to focus more on these channels for marketing. The fact is that text marketing is much more powerful than other marketing channels in terms of reaching out to customers. The list of benefits of SMS marketing is actually impressive.

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5 Things To Do When a Hiring Manager Texts You

On The Job

Imagine that you're standing in line at Starbucks, when you receive this text. Hello! We just received your resume and wanted to chat initially via text. Can you tell us why you feel you're qualified for this position?" After a minute, you answer: "I know this is a joke. Who is this?

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Episode 248: Productive Fundraising with Chad Barger


On today’s episode, I spent time with Chad Barger. Chad Barger is a fundraising coach, productivity guru and vlogger. Chad teaches charities how to optimize their fundraising, so they can focus on changing the world.

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Key Things to Have In Order before Calling a Real Estate Attorney

Small Business CEO

Nobody wants to have to face a real estate problem, but if the situation arises, you’ll be glad to have an experienced attorney to consult with to help you find a resolution. Before you pick up the phone and call a legal professional, there are few things you’ll want to get in order first. Here are some helpful tips that can enable you to make the most of your initial consultation. Summary of the Issue at Hand.

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Do What You Love (And Make Money Doing It) With These 6 In-Demand Degrees

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Can you really earn a comfortable living pursuing your creative passion? Absolutely. Digital arts schools like The Centre for Arts and Technology in Kelowna , British Columbia, and many others across North America offer practical arts and technology degrees for ambitious, upwardly mobile creatives looking to make their mark — and earn real money in the process. Let’s take a look at six in-demand degrees for creative professionals. Architecture.

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