Tue.Mar 31, 2020

Customize Your Zoom Background for Your Home Business

Tips From T. Marie

It seems like everyone is using Zoom for video conferencing during this time of social distancing due to Covid-19. Students and teachers are using it for learning.

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Eight Ways Entrepreneurs Can Finance their Business Ideas

Dumb Little Man

Every entrepreneur or startup owner faces the biggest concern of financing their business. With minimal experience and no business background, entrepreneurs find it very hard to get the money at the initial level.

2020 196

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Career Advancement for Administrative Professionals (Webinar)

Eat Your Career

Join us for this month’s free webinar on the topic of Career Advancement for Administrative Professionals. April is Admin Appreciation Month! Consequently, this month’s webinar is devoted to administrative professionals. If you’re not an admin, you are still welcome to attend.

Administrative Professional’s Day: Best Gift for Your Assistant

Office Dynamics

When I worked as an executive assistant, I was always flattered on Administrative Professional’s Day when my leader would generously give me a gift in recognition for my service and hard work. It made me feel special and truly meant a lot to me.

2020 137

30 Day Challenge: 5 Minute Breathing

Simple Productivity Blog

For April of 2020 I am going to stretch myself to start a simple daily meditation: 5 minutes of focusing on my breathing. The post 30 Day Challenge: 5 Minute Breathing appeared first on Laura Earnest. 30 Day Challenge

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How Restrictive Legacy Technology is Holding Your Business Back

Small Business CEO

Remember your favorite old pair of jeans that you wore everywhere just because they were comfortable? Legacy technology is something similar to that. Any form of an old method, technology, or system used in a working space comes under this category. photo credit: Uncle Saiful / Flickr.

2020 69

How to use IT Tracking Systems To Flag Upcoming Problems in Your Network

Small Business CEO

We use tools and machines to take out errors from the workplace as much as possible. For this, we turn manual work into programmed work, and that is somehow not adequate for all tasks.

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Does Affiliate Marketing Really Work in 2020?

Small Business CEO

Many ambitious entrepreneurs have tried their hand at being professional affiliate marketers and failed. On the other hand, there are some affiliate marketers that have made a huge success of their online selling businesses.

2020 60

How to Cut Network Downtime Through Network Monitoring and Management

Small Business CEO

The anticipation of errors always makes it easier to see one coming and prevent it beforehand or be prepared to actively manage to do so. When one is facing downtime, the business comes to a halt in most cases.

2020 52

How to Manage ERP Systems Effectively

Small Business CEO

All companies, big or small, want to make the best out of their resources. This becomes more important in the context of modern businesses functioning in an ever-changing economy. No one wants to compromise with the value they can derive from the available reserves.

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