9 Productivity Tips Your Work-From-Home Career Needs

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Set alarms, drink coffee, dress well, resume at work, telecommute, and take breaks. Telecommuting makes distractions quite reduced as there would be no chit-chats amongst employees.

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How to Make Working From Home Sustainable

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Whichever group you fall into, telecommuting itself is a sustainable choice. Small tweaks can make a big difference and improve your telecommuting experience. Sustainability is one of the most important goals for individuals and businesses around the world.

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Weathering the Pandemic: Remote Work and the Small Business

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This might very well mean continuing operations on a remote basis, allowing your employees to telecommute, and generally being a bit more flexible than usual. Although some states are beginning to officially open back up in stages, many communities across the U.S.

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Is Remote Work Good for Your Career?

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Here's how it unfolds: The company uses telecommuting or remote work as a way to attract and retain workers.

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More Than 50 Percent of U.S. Private Workforce Will Be Independent by 2020, Report Says

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private workforce will be independent by 2020, according to a report published today by MBO Partners. By the year 2020, MBO Partners predicts that 70 million people, more than 50 percent of the private workforce, will be independent. This means going beyond simple flexible work hours or corporate telecommuting or working on contingent assignments through a staffing company. M ore than 50 percent of the U.S.

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Book Review: The Fifth Age of Work

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Skype, Google Hangout), as well as the decentralization and de-localization of work characterized by distributed teams, remote work, flex work and telecommuting, contract and project-based work, and the rapid growth of the coworking movement. 

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The Voices of Coworking Video

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This research was an extension of the Intuit 2020 research series , which isconducted with our research partner Intuit Corporation.  Most facilities offer memberships by the day, week or month and appeal to the freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses, big company telecommuters and other laptop nomads who are tired of working alone at home or in crowded and noisy coffee shops. 

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