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Use Haters To Drive You To Succeed

Dumb Little Man

Everywhere you look – haters. With social media so abundant in today’s day and age, and allowing people to cross communicate around the world at such high speeds, you don’t have to look far to find keyboard warriors and negative criticism, and even hate.

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Do you have a business card?

Practically Perfect PA

Do you have a a business card? A question I was often asked during my career as an assistant. The answer was generally no and then I would feel a bit stupid. I always felt I should have a business card.

The Growing Number of Food Startups

Small Business Labs

CB Insights , a great source of information on VC activity and startups, has an excellent article covering the growing number of food startups.    The article chart below (click to enlarge) lists over 40 food startups by category. 

2015 204

Streamline Your Business Management Systems in 3 Quick Steps!

Office Organization Success

Not enough clients? Not enough profits? All it could take are a few tweaks to your business management systems and you could easily turn this around. I know the thought of creating systems in your business doesn’t sound very appealing or exciting.

2015 203

7 Awesome Things that Very Inspiring Bosses Do

Dumb Little Man

Have you ever had a boss you didn’t crib about? Or a boss you really really wanted to be like? Or a boss you did not abuse the moment he/she turned around? Have you had a boss you stood up for when your colleagues were gossiping lame stuff about him / her?

2015 285

A letter to my bullying boss!

Practically Perfect PA

We have all experienced someone somewhere throughout our careers that just doesn’t want to make life easy.

2015 193

It's a Mobile World

Small Business Labs

No matter how important you think mobile computing has become, there's a good chance you're underestimating it's growth and impact. It's moving that quickly.    Ad Age's 15 Mind Blowing Stats About Mobile highlight statistics showing this.

2015 198

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Six Simple Questions Tp Help You Discover Your Purpose

Dumb Little Man

As a high school student, one of my favorite Nollywood movies was ‘The Senator’ In the movie, Larry the lead actor knew right from high school that he wanted to be a senator.

2015 286

When Is It Just Not Worth It? A Story of Failure.

Tips From T. Marie

I’m going to warn you, this blog post is me being honest. That probably means it’s going to rub some people the wrong way. So be it. If it helps another person who is struggling with some of the same questions, it’s worth irritating a few others.

2015 177

Do You Like This Caterer's Messaging?

Business Writing

If you are like many business people, you have attended meetings, conferences, and training programs that include a catered lunch. Can you remember the name of any of the caterers? Do you remember anything that would help you find the. Best Picks Teaching Business Writing Writing Tips

2015 173

How Stress Can Be Good for Your Career

On The Job

There’s no shortage of stress these days at work, which is why many workers have turned to yoga, meditation , exercise and even aromatherapy to handle the pressure. But what if we’re making a mistake by trying to look at stress as something to be conquered and suppressed in our lives?

2015 240

How Changing Your Attitude Can Build Your Confidence

Dumb Little Man

If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life. Marcus Garvey We will all face some very challenging time in our lives. Some as a result of our decisions and others we have no control over.

2015 285

Vote for Our Next Webinar Topic

Office Dynamics

Hello friends! I’ve been tasked with the presentation of our next free webinar (September) from Joan and I need your help. What should I talk about in that one-hour educational session? What are you most interested in hearing from me?

2015 218

3 Rules For Live Music At Corporate Events

The Small Business Blog

When planning and booking live music for corporate events, as the organiser you will need to ensure you’ve done research and planned your entertainment in conjunction with your venue and needs.

2015 214

How to Meet Your Boss's Expectations Every Time

On The Job

Sooner or later, it happens to everyone. Some people go through it more than once in their careers. You fail to meet expectations. You may not discover that you've failed to meet a boss's expectations until a formal performance review.

2015 238

Six Things Your Mom Forgot to Tell You About Adult Budgeting

Dumb Little Man

Your mother did her best to prepare you for the real world. Unfortunately, her lessons in money management may have been slightly off-base. As well-intended as these lessons were meant to be, your mother probably forgot to tell you these six details about adult budgeting.

2015 284

Free Webinar Teaches You How to Develop Your Persuasion Skills

Office Dynamics

As we celebrate 25 years in business we’re offering a free webinar each month for administrative professionals to continue their skill development and learn more about who we are and what we offer the administrative profession.

2015 207

WeWork and the Blending of Physical and Digital Worlds

Small Business Labs

WeWork announced last week they had acquired Case, Inc. which is a "a building information and technology consultancy."  "  I found the blog post on Case's site explaining why they were joining WeWork to be quite interesting. First, I like their description of what they do. They focus on : "how technology impacts every aspect of the building process from real estate to architecture, construction, fabrication, and building operations."

2015 142

To Be Respected, Be Respectful

Virtual Moxie

As you might remember, I had to have emergent abdominal surgery in April, and my recovery was difficult. To give myself some breathing room, I decided to not talk with anyone about new work or new opportunities till the beginning of July.

2015 189

7 Ultimate Steps to Overcome Disappointment

Dumb Little Man

That feeling we get after every failure or unmet expectation is one of the worst feelings we women often experience. Disappointment is a terrible dose of “reality” that hits us like a truck coming out of nowhere.

2015 281

What Happened To The Paperless Office?

Office Dynamics

Question: “I’ve been a temporary admin in many different offices since 2009, and I really haven’t noticed the slightest reduction in the amount of paper all over people’s desks, brought out in meetings, and in use all over the office.

2015 190

sme3 Rules For Live Music At Corporate Events

The Small Business Blog

When planning and booking live music for corporate events, as the organiser you will need to ensure you’ve done research and planned your entertainment in conjunction with your venue and needs.

2015 184

RedHat CEO: Forget What You Know About Traditional Management

On The Job

2015 173

The Job Hunt: Starting Off With A Strong Cover Letter

Dumb Little Man

Suffice to say that your cover letter is one way for a company to get a sneak peek of what you’d be like as a potential employee.

2015 Customer Appreciation Day

Simple Productivity Blog

I couldn’t write this blog without you, my customers. So to celebrate our relationship, I am having a Customer Appreciation Day. 50% Off Everything In The Shop I have been growing the products over in my shop.

2015 172

Throw The Deep Ball


The National Football League season is just around the corner, and I’m a big fan of the sport. I order the NFL Sunday Ticket so I can watch every Cincinnati Bengals game. I take part in fantasy football.

2015 109

A To-Do List by Any Other Name

Clutter Coach

by Originally posted 2011-04-19 14:23:57. Republished by Blog Post Promoter A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. ‘Tis true. If it were called bog shrub we would love it just the same. It’s not true for your to-do list, however. A to-do list should have a handful of concrete tasks on it that are related to your projects. Problems start growing when it’s used as a catch-all for everything you have to do. This is a common problem for creative, expansive thinkers.

2015 109

5 Easy & Effective Ways to Neutralize Information Overload

Office Dynamics

Are you stressed with how much information is out there, constantly at the ready to be consumed? Are you suffering from information overload? Here are 5 simple steps that will help you effectively “Neutralize Information Overload” today. Step 1: Don’t read everything that comes to you.

2015 153

Customer Appreciation Day Coming….

Simple Productivity Blog

Just a heads up that the 2015 Customer Appreciation Day will happen Saturday. Stay tuned for massive discounts…and if you receive the newsletter, you will get an exclusive freebie! (If

2015 172

6 Clear Habits from 160 Creative Heroes


Did you know Nikola Tesla drew his blinds so he could work in the dark? Or that Andy Warhol carried art to give to fans he might meet on the street?

2015 107

The Coiled Rope And The Snake

Brilliantly Better

Let’s start with a very short story. Please bear with me, it will only go for a minute or two: Imagine you’re walking on a … The post The Coiled Rope And The Snake appeared first on Dragos Roua. Personal Development

2015 91

Employee Appreciation Ideas to Show Your Team Your Gratitude

Office Dynamics

Taking time to appreciate employees is one of the most overlooked tools of quality management. Recognition is one of the most important aspects of any employee’s day-to-day life, and yet so many businesses fail to recognize this.

2015 143

Do You Fall For These Time Management Myths?

Simple Productivity Blog

When I ask people about time management, I get two types of responses. Either people are gung-ho time managers and they struggle with it, or they do no time management at all.

2015 158

The Productivityist Podcast 52: Everything Evernote with Andrew Sinkov


Want to learn more about what makes Evernote tick? In this episode of The Productivityist Podcast, I have an in-depth conversation with Andrew Sinkov, Vice President of Marketing and Brand at Evernote.

2015 104

Top 10 Confused Words in English [I-L]

Daily Writing Tips

Seven of these ten commonly confused word pairs beginning with the letters I-L are frequent enough to have earned one or more full posts at Daily Writing Tips. You’ll find links at the end of each item. illicit / elicit. Illicit is an adjective meaning, “not allowed by law or social conventions.”

2015 114

Land Your Dream Job With These Industry-Specific Interview Outfit Tips

Office Dynamics

You’ve landed a big job interview, and many things need your immediate attention, but we’re going to focus on your interview outfit. Because your resume got you the interview, but the way you present yourself is going to get you the job. The Night Before.

2015 141

5 Easy Ways To Find Potential Customers On Twitter

Small Business CEO

Do you need more customers? Despite being 9 years old and having 316 million active users, Twitter is still a mystery for business owners. Most still can not grasp how to navigate through the noise and find their target audience.