December, 2013

January 1st Is Just Another Day

Dumb Little Man

The end of the year makes us think of what we did, what we could have done, and what we'll try to do differently next year. But thinking about changing your life in this “yearly” way isn't a good idea when you consider the implications below.

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The True Cost of America’s Plastic Addiction

Eco-Office Gals

“Paper or plastic?”. This is a simple question, asked millions of times per day in supermarket checkout lines across the country. Not too difficult to answer for most, but a question with major consequences for the planet.

2013 275

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Secret Santa presents

Practically Perfect PA

It is that time of year again – Christmas parties, sparkly dresses, an indescribable amount of mulled wine and a stash of minced pies to ward off unwanted hangovers. Yup you’ve guessed it – December, where the best kept secret in the office is who has whom for their secret santa.

2013 271

6 Ways to Add Value to Your Organization & Advance Your Career

Eat Your Career

Over the past few months, I’ve talked about this concept at length in numerous webinars, speeches and presentations. Career Academy members are already familiar with this, as are those who have attended my live training programs.

2013 257

Participate in the 2013 Solopreneur Life End-of-Year Survey

The Solopreneur Life

I invite you to participate in the 2013 Solopreneur Life End-of-Year Survey. The information gathered will advance our knowledge of the current state of solopreneurship, and we all stand to benefit from the data in the results.

2013 248

10 Simple Communication Resolutions for 2014

Ian's Messy Desk

The post 10 Simple Communication Resolutions for 2014 appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. Here are some things you can resolve to improve the way you communicate with others. These are simple changes, easy to keep all year. I will talk less. I will listen carefully.

2014 224

The 4 Common Habits of World Changers

Dumb Little Man

There is one thing that intrigues me and it’s seeing some individuals completely transforming the face of this earth while others are just getting by and being satisfied with that.

2013 286

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The ultimate app guide for assistants

Practically Perfect PA

Like a lot of us these days I am glued to my iPhone and I have a lot of my life on my iPad. If I’m honest, I am really just lost without them (sometimes I am literally lost without them thanks to my dependence on Google maps to get me around!).

2013 261

Book Review: The Manufacturer's Book of Lists

Small Business Labs

A powerful trend that gets little coverage is the growth of small manufacturing. As we pointed out in our 2012 article The Rise of Small and Micro Manufacturing , of the 330,000 U.S. manufacturing firms 80% have fewer than 50 employees and about 36% have 4 or fewer employees.

2013 219

NEW! Business Rocks Magazine

Office Organization Success

Exciting news! You can now find one of my articles, “5 Reasons to Automate & Streamline Your Business” , inside the latest issue of the Business Rocks Magazine #BizRocks for #WomenInBiz. Click Here to download the FREE app from Apple iTunes today!

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Forget New Year’s Resolutions

Ian's Messy Desk

The post Forget New Year’s Resolutions appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. Just choose one word. This is an interesting idea. Instead of setting a list of resolutions you hope to keep over the next twelve months, pick one word that will define the way you live during that period.

2013 217

5 Weight Loss Mistakes Women Should Stop Making

Dumb Little Man

I lift weights. I do some sort of cardio. I also do high intensity exercises. And I'm a woman.

2013 285

E-Receipts vs. Paper Receipts

Eco-Office Gals

The process of making a transaction at a retail store and receiving a thermally printed receipt is so familiar that customers may think it is the only way to get a record of their purchase of products or services. But think about what happens to most of those receipts.

2013 227

6 benefits of humour at work

Practically Perfect PA

This is a guest post by Mike Martin… Some people think that fun and a sense of humor have no place at work, that work is very serious business. Our advice to them? Lighten Up.

2013 231

Top 10 Small Business Trends for 2014

Small Business Labs

Below is our 7th annual Top 10 Small Business Trends list.  2013's trend list is available here. To see earlier lists, click on the year: 2012 , 2011 , 2010 , 2009 , 2008. Our overall economic outlook for 2013 is for solid if moderate growth with U.S. GDP increasing 2.5% to 2.75%.    We expect hiring and the job market to continue to improve with unemployment falling and finishing the year in the 6.5% range.   Technology   1.

2014 218

Free Checklist: End-of-Year Career To Do List

Eat Your Career

The end of the year is always a hectic time. Unfortunately, with so many personal obligations centered around holiday activities, it’s easy to get distracted and let your professional loose ends remain untied.

2013 169

5 Steps to Going Paperless in 2014

Ian's Messy Desk

The post 5 Steps to Going Paperless in 2014 appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. I have slowly been making my way towards the paperless office, both at work and at home. It’s been a steady process, but there is still some ways to go.

2014 215

Framework for Creating Holistical?ly Ambitious Goals for 2014

Dumb Little Man

One common problem that occurs with goal setting is that we tend not to take into account all the areas of their lives that are important to us when we craft our aspirations. This can result in an unbalance between how we spend our time and what is important to us.

2014 285

Reduce Your Company’s Carbon Footprint

Eco-Office Gals

Today’s environmentally-minded companies are always looking for ways to make their carbon footprint smaller. From offsetting to telecommuting, we give you several ways to make this goal a reality: Computers.

Where do assistants draw the line?

Practically Perfect PA

I’ve been working really lllllooooonnnnggggg hours recently and I can definitely say it has taken it’s toll! I can not wait to have a break over Christmas and New Year. I bet most of you feel the same!

2013 223

Fisher Price's Baby iPad Chair

Small Business Labs

I have to say when I first heard about this product I thought it might be a joke. But Fisher Price really is selling what they clumsily call the "Newborn-to Toddler-Appivity Seat for iPad Device" The picture below is from their website.

2013 214

Free Worksheet: End-of-Year Career Review

Eat Your Career

As we approach the new year, now is a perfect time for reflecting on the year that was—where you’ve been and where you want to go in the future. This is equally important for your professional life as it is for your personal life, which is why I always recommend doing an end-of-year career review. While I’ve written about this topic in the past, this year, I wanted to make the process even easier for you.

2013 160

How to Change Your Life

Ian's Messy Desk

The post How to Change Your Life appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. Tips for Life Changes. Can people really change? We tend to assume that circumstances change easily and often, but that people change rarely, slowly, and with great difficulty. But these assumptions are wrong.

2013 198

Say Yes to Inner Peace: Top 9 Apps for a Stress-free and Happier Mind

Dumb Little Man

Think this world is a stressful place to be? You're not alone. Constantly feeling uptight and frustrated, and feeling like you're losing control of life while being drained of energy and motivation is not a good thing at all.

Stress 285

Going Green and Staying Green – How to Maintain an Eco-Friendly Business

Eco-Office Gals

Environmental performance; energy efficiency; eco-friendly; green- these are real buzz words and phrases within the business world at present.

2013 208

Haiku Deck & ten top tips on minimising interruptions

Practically Perfect PA

Over the last few months I have been designing a lot of presentations for the company I work with but also for my own little foray into the world of public speaking. When I say a lot of presentations I mean A LOT! So I’m really pleased I stumbled across Haiku Deck back in May and have been a massive fan of it ever since! If your Executive does many public speaking events or presents to staff then I’d seriously suggest you check out Haiku Deck.

2013 178

Low Wage Workers Getting Older

Small Business Labs

The New York Time's The Minimum Wage and the Laws of Economics  has some really interesting age related data on low wage workers, which they define as earning less than $10 per hour. As the chart below (from the article) shows, low wage workers have been getting older and better educated. 

2013 200

The Need to do A before B is Usually a Lie

Virtual Moxie

In my work with Virtual Assistants, and people who think they want to become Virtual Assistants, one kind of statement is made repeatedly. I call it the “I have to do A before I do B,” statement.

2013 225

3 “Needs” of Time Management

Ian's Messy Desk

The post 3 “Needs” of Time Management appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. Before you can start managing your time, you have to analyse how it’s being used. Keep a log of your daily activities for 2–3 weeks. Once you have a fair representation of your regular time usage, ask yourself the following three questions for each of the items in your log. Does it need to be done ?

2013 174

Life's A Momentum Game. Here's How To Win Using Mini Habits.

Dumb Little Man

Every day that passes is a chance to move forward or backward, I think we all realize that. But what can be a little less obvious is that today is largely going to be a result of the days before it.

2013 285

Energy costs can be a big headache for business owners: How to stay in control

Eco-Office Gals

Running a small business is a challenge. Sometimes, the smallest things can make a big difference. If you are a small business owner, it is likely that you look to keep costs under control in any way possible.

2013 181

Seasons greetings

Practically Perfect PA

The post Seasons greetings appeared first on Practically Perfect PA. Featured

2013 158

The Post Office Expanding Use of Contingent Workers

Small Business Labs

Interesting interview with the head of the U.S. Postal Service in the Wall Street Journal. Lots of information on how the Post Office is doing financially (quick summary - not well) and how it hopes to return to solvency.

2013 184

Top 5 Tips for Morning Productivity

The Small Business Blog

Nearly half your working day takes place in the morning, but despite this many people accomplish much more in the afternoon than they do in the morning. If this sounds like you, here are our Top 5 Tips for improving your morning productivity: 1.

2013 223

Why I Chose The Kindle Format To Publish My Ebook

Tips From T. Marie

Categories: Business Tips I’ve been getting some great reviews for my e-book, The No B t Guide to Virtual Assistant’s for Businesses. I’m especially fond of the fact that one reviewer appreciated the fact that I used a touch of fun to lighten things up a bit.

2013 156

16 Habits That Are Killing Your Productivity and How to Fix Them

Dumb Little Man

We’ve never had more tools at our disposal to work more efficiently, and yet we’ve never been more distracted. We spend most days trapped in our inboxes and shuffling around our calendars, only to be left wondering where the day went.

2013 286

Make sure you choose the right colour scheme if you want your office to be a productive environment

Eco-Office Gals

Colours have the ability to affect our mood and many of us think carefully about which colour scheme to use in our homes but the same level of consideration into designing the right colour scheme for your office could certainly pay dividends.