Fri.Apr 27, 2012

Getting into bed with the celebs

The Small Business Blog

Not about frocks Keep up won’t you; I’m not asking you to actually sleep with the celebs. I don’t allow anyone to sleep with me. Simon Cowell’s unofficial biography mentioned Dannii Minogue but not me. Yet, coincidentally, I also have a chic shorter ‘do and a couple of designer frocks with an of-the-moment statement shoulder …

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36 Adjectives Describing Light

Daily Writing Tips

A bright constellation of adjectives referring to various qualities of light, or other phenomena related to light, is brought to light in the list below. Quite a few of them, from lucent to lustrous (and even illuminating ), stem from the Latin word lucere , meaning “to shine,” while many others begin with the consonant gl-, betraying their descent from a proto-Germanic word with the same meaning. Aureate : brilliantly golden; also, grandiloquent. Blinding : so bright as to obscure vision.

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Who can you trust to help you and your biz?

The Small Business Blog

Who can you trust to help you to survive and thrive? There is a better way of getting help than from Government and Big Company funded start up and micro business support programmes. That’s not to say we don’t want their help and a lot of these free offers of help are good and needed …

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Who’s Building Your Website?

Tips From T. Marie

With the popularity of WordPress new ‘website designers’ are coming out of the woodwork. It’s true, the WordPress CMS framework is ideal for business websites as well as easy to work with in comparison to flash and html websites. That doesn’t mean that just anyone can create a well designed, professional website that is uniquely fit to your business.

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The 501 Productivity: Bolting Out The Door At 5:01 PM

Productivity Bits

I recently came across the 501 etymology and I thought of borrowing the concept over to productivity; thus, The 501 Productivity. The phrase “ 5:01 developer ” was coined to describe a “developer who bolts out the door at 1 minute past 5pm.” ” We’ve worked with these people – when the clock strikes at the 5:00 PM mark, they’re gone for the day. But of course, there are those who keep working far beyond that time.

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Things You Can Do For Another’s Crisis

Simple Productivity Blog

Fridays are tip days at SimpleProductivity blog. Most of us like to lend aid when someone we know is in a crisis. Yet wanting to help and not knowing what to do is an exercise in frustration and feeling helpless.