Fri.Jun 08, 2018

Technology of the week: Zoom

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Today’s technology of the week: Zoom. Here are all the details… What is Zoom? Zoom is a cloud-based system which provides users with a video-conferencing and online meeting service along with webinars and file sharing functions. What does it do? Zoom has a number of features.

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Reviewing the BLS 2017 Contingent and Alternative Employment Arrangements Survey

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The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) caused quite a stir yesterday with the release of their 2017 Contingent and Alternative Employment Arrangement (CWS) survey results.    Specifically, the report shows that the share of U.S. gig/contract workers in the U.S.

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On Confronting Climate Change

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Do you believe the earth is heating up and that our climate has changed for the worse in the last few decades? Do you believe our grandchildren will live in a worse climate than we do and that climatic variation is one of the causes of extinction of several species? As humans, do you believe we have contributed to these climatic changes? If your answer to one or more of the questions above is ‘No’, then you are probably experiencing climate crisis denial.

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When is it too soon—or too late—to thwart bullying?

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Each month we feature a question from our friends at Business Management Daily’s Admin Pro Forum. Please enjoy engaging in a conversation about this month’s question.

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What to Expect in Premarital Counseling

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Relationships are rewarding, revealing, and definitely challenging. That’s why young couples are often required to undergo pre-marriage counseling as part of their wedding prep. You do not have to be on the brink of divorce, in a sexless marriage, or growing apart to reap the benefits of seeing a marriage counselor. Pre-marriage counseling with a therapist doesn’t mean there is something wrong with your relationship. It could actually be the opposite!

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Your Complete Guide to Liposuction

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Liposuction is a popular cosmetic procedure that can give you more uniform body shape and help to get rid of stubborn fat cells. People often get liposuction on their abdomen, buttocks, thighs, chin, neck, upper arms, calves, back, and on the back of the arms for a tight and toned look. Defining Liposuction. Via Reader’s Digest. Liposuction is performed roughly 300,000 times per year in the United States alone.

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