7 Smart Strategies To Deal With Unemployment

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In 2020, millions lost their jobs due to the pandemic and the lockdowns enforced worldwide. Upgrade your knowledge and skills. Even if finances are tough, try to upgrade your knowledge and skills and learn as much as possible.

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No Opportunities for Career Advancement? Do These 5 Things

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You worked for years to attain the top title in your job classification, and it felt great to finally achieve it. What do you do when you reach the highest job title for administrative support? If the answer is no, start preparing for a job hunt.

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Employers Identify Big & Small CV & Resume Mistakes (Infographic)

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Have you been wondering why submitting your job applications has not been resulting in many job interview invitations? If you can consider fixing any of the mistakes listed down below, you could speed up your process of job hunting and perhaps even make it more successful.

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