7 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Triathlon

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A sprint distance triathlon is typically only a 400-600m swim, a 12.4 If you decide to race a triathlon, you can run your first sprint distance triathlon in about 3 months of training and as it turns out, triathlons aren't as intimidating as they sound. Health How To

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How To Stop Falling Off The Wagon

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It’s most often used in with regards to health and fitness. You hit the ground running and sprint to embrace it, only to find that the old comfort is no longer present - you just don’t feel the same. We are not equipped to ride on wagons - we’re meant to walk.

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7 Creative Ways To Use Drones For Kids’ Learning

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When going on an education expedition, equip the drone with a camera to explore the terrain and learn more about it up close. Workouts, like sprints, hurdles and hide–and–seek, could be coupled with a drone to make them more exciting. See Also: The Health Benefits Of A Drone Hobby. Drones, the modern age RC helicopters of the era, are a fantastic tool for numerous applications.

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