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To receive a free copy of the Career Advancement Toolkit, join the Project Management Hacks email newsletter. This skill has expedited the growth of my audience from under a hundred to over two thousand email subscribers in eight months. Start by learning a few Excel keyboard shortcuts to navigate in Excel faster. Negotiation Skills. Whether you are driven to make deals or simply reach your own goals faster, negotiation skills make a difference.

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Laughing all the Way to Work

I knew we were going to go back to that city the next year so negotiated with the hotel that if I booked the next event at their venue would they waive the cancellation fee. Negotiation As you saw above, negotiation is possible. At my last event I mentioned that the hotel across the street was willing to give me such and such a rate and that really helped in my negotiations. There is value in getting to know people, even if it is just over email or the phone.

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