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Silicon Republic's Future of Work Series and Being Human

Small Business Labs

Silicon Republic's Future of Work Week has an interesting set of articles on this topic. It covers pretty much all the standard future of work topics like AI, digital transformation, the changing nature of careers, etc. 

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The Virtual Summit is this Friday

Practically Perfect PA

I can’t quite believe it, but the Practically Perfect PA Virtual Summit is taking place this Friday 20th October 2017. The whole event is online and can be viewed wherever you are in the world. You can download the full Virtual Summit Programme here.

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I'm Sorry You. Did It to Yourself

Business Writing

The other day I participated in an online chat about cats being allowed to roam free in our neighborhood. Opinions for and against piled up minute by minute, with some people expressing strong views. Reading the comments, I noticed this. Courteous Writing Etiquette

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3 Things That Can Help You Start Being Your Best Self

Dumb Little Man

I did a video yesterday for a challenge that I’m doing and I was talking about something that I’m working on in the challenge. A comment from the leader came back and said that what stood out for her was how I’m constantly in “should”: “I should have done…”, “I should have been able to…” and “I should…” Always “I should…”.

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Asia's Surging Middle Class Driving Global Growth

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While it's hardly new news that Asia's middle class and economies are growing, it's still worth looking at the amazing numbers behind this. According to  Asia: Leaning In , a report from the giant global investment management firm KKR, Asia's middle class will increase from 1.4

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Why Companies Must Foster "Constructive Conflict"

On The Job

In today’s tumultuous world, many people will call themselves grateful if they have a peaceful, harmonious workplace.

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Timber! (or Timbre?)

Business Writing

I just finished reading another excellent mystery by Louise Penny: The Beautiful Mystery. Penny's series of Inspector Gamache mysteries, which take place in Québec, gets better and better with each volume. I'm always looking forward to the next one. Gems of Language Grammar and Usage

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More Trending

Pet Humanization and the Rise of Granddogs

Small Business Labs

The Minnesota Star Tribune's  No grandchildren? Minnesota baby boomers spoil 'granddogs' instead  covers the trend of boomer parents treating their kid's pets as grandchildren. This is, of course, because many baby boomer don't have grandchildren due to the declines in marriage and birth rates.

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Q&A with Brian Madgett, VP of New York Life on Small Business Insurance Coverage Gap

Small Business CEO

Many small business owners view business insurance as the necessary evil, and thus they are reluctant whether they should take more coverages or not. In reality, nobody really knows (except the insurers, perhaps) until the disaster happens; in that case, it’s all too late.

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Podcast 075: Do it your way

Clutter Coach

by Subscribe: iTunes ⋅ Stitcher ⋅ Soundcloud ⋅ YouTube ⋅ Google Play. You can leave a review here! This is Podcast 75: do it your way. Back in podcast 17 I talked about how you can make your office less boring and conventional by outfitting it with patterned file folders and a tape dispenser shaped like an animal. Today I’ll talk about making your processes and systems less boring.

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Words of Advice To Keep Your Joints Healthy

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As a woman, it is only natural that your health is one of the most important parts of your life. Once you pass a certain age, you might have to deal with specific problems, such as arthritis. Left untreated, this condition can cause serious damage to your health and lifestyle. The inflammatory process will lead to symptoms such as reduced range of motion, joint pain, and stiffness. For this, it is for the best to educate yourself about the condition.

2017 171

Why Reflection is Critical to Your Personal Productivity


I have a question for you: When was the last time you looked back at what already happened today instead of looking forward to tomorrow? Most of us tend to look ahead because that’s the direction we’re moving.

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Start Your Christmas Advertising Early With A Brand Awareness Campaign

Small Business CEO

Not every business makes use of promotional products, even though it can be a vital part of their advertising operation, but those that do (and, hey, even those that don’t yet) should always think about the impact of combining holiday themes with promotional tools.

2017 83

Visions and Visits

Daily Writing Tips

Vision and visit both pertain to seeing something, and that’s no coincidence, because they are cognates, both stemming from the Latin verb videre , meaning “see.” A discussion of the words, their variations, and some related terms follows.

2017 59

4 Bad Online Habits That Are Killing Your Work Productivity

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Productivity is an interesting thing. Some people keep themselves busy all day and consider themselves productive. In reality, however, they focus on so many different things that the end result isn’t satisfying. Others prefer to analyze their behavior closely so that they can see what they’re doing wrong and what can be optimized. That’s the right approach if you want to ditch some bad practices and succeed with your ventures in all aspects. Our online habits make a great example.

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Staying Healthy Whilst Studying Health Law

Brilliantly Better

You might think that studying for a college degree related to healthcare will motivate you to stay fit and healthy, however, for many students, this isn’t always the case. If you’re soon to start a degree program in health law… The post Staying Healthy Whilst Studying Health Law appeared first on Dragos Roua. Health and Fitness

6 Branding Tips for 2018

Small Business CEO

The only way to truly be competitive in the modern marketplace is to continually adapt to the new demands and challenges consumers are placing on you and your competition.

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Political Terms Dominate New Dictionary Entries

Daily Writing Tips’s newest set of entries to its lexicon, and some revised definitions for existing terms, reflect the politically themed discourse that has dominated the media over the past year. This post shares and defines some of those terms.

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Entrepreneurship: A Better Career Choice For Generation Z?

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Gen Z is struggling with a major life decision: To go to college or go directly into the workforce? Gen Z has watched their elders, the Millennials, move back in with their parents after graduation and delay things, like buying homes and getting married, because of student loan debt and low wages. This is one of the reasons why many of them have decided to take a different path. Generation Z Entrepreneurs Necessity.

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Protected: Integrity


This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password: The post Protected: Integrity appeared first on Productivityist. Perspective

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5 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know: Tips From Real Businesspeople

Small Business CEO

Unless you’re keeping news of your pending launch tightly under wraps, you’ve probably been inundated by well-wishes and offers of assistance. Whether you know it or not, you’ve got a lot of people rooting for you. All this support can be overwhelming, even confusing.

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Vocabulary Quiz #10: Commonly Confused Words

Daily Writing Tips

In each sentence, choose the correct word from the pair of similar terms. (If If both words possibly can be correct, choose the more plausible one.). The roll-top desk was made by an exceptionally skilled __. a) artist. b) artisan.

2017 56

How Can Retailers Survive The Millennial Apocalypse?

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Millennials are the largest and most diverse generation in American history. They are the generation that grew up in a serious economic crisis. They went to college at a time when public funding for education was drying up but they still had to go to college to get a job, so they dutifully took on all the expenses through student loans. Then, they graduated and found out that there were no jobs, so they moved back in with their parents to save money until things got better.

2017 165

Strategy is Never Enough

The Marq

This week's post is somewhat short and to the point. Mainly, I've realized through some examples this past week why the greatest strategy is worthless without execution.

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The Three Pillars of Online Reputation Management

Small Business CEO

If you have run a brick-and-mortar store before, you know just how damaging one customer’s negative experience can be to your reputation in the neighborhood. Infamy carries an impact several orders of magnitude larger on the internet.

2017 76

How to Treat Complex Phrasal Adjectives

Daily Writing Tips

Numerous posts have addressed hyphenation of phrasal adjectives such as “long range” when they precede a noun, as in “long-range missile.” But what about when the phrasal adjective includes more than two words?

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What Is SAP Certification And What Are Its Career Benefits?

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SAP Certification is gaining popularity among young and experienced IT professionals due to its promising nature. Valued high, this certification is appreciated and recognized globally. It’s a known business platform in different serviceable fields, such as FICO (Financial Accounting and Controlling), Materials Management (MM) and Production Planning (PP). See what it is and how it can benefit your career. What is SAP Certification?

2017 162

Standing Up with Rob Jacobs


On this episode of the show, I speak with Rob Jacobs. Rob is a leader in the walking for health movement and the co-founder of Unsit – a company that created the first ever treadmill you can use under your standing desk at work. We talk about why standing simply works when it comes to boosting personal productivity, why sitting too long has similar effects as smoking, why walking is a great way to problem solve, and more.

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Andrew McCubbins and His Telemedicine Venture Helping Thousands Access Healthcare from Home from Salt Lake City Utah

Small Business CEO

Andrew McCubbins is an entrepreneur and philanthropist who has steered multiple ventures into successful multi-million dollar businesses. He believes in going against the crowd.

2017 66

The Proud and the Prudish

Daily Writing Tips

This post discusses two words that because of their disparate meanings are not easily recognized as cognates, as well as a couple of others that are, as a result of disguised spelling, perhaps equally unlikely to be associated.

2017 54

How Can Virtual Classrooms Enhance Homeschool Education?

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In recent years, homeschooling has become especially pronounced. In the United States, government data shows that the number of homeschooled students more than doubled over a period of just eight years. Whatever the reason is, it’s clear that more and more parents are finding homeschooling attractive. This raises an important question: What’s the best way to ensure that the homeschooling experience is engaging, enjoyable, and optimized for educational achievement?

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Tips for Being Happier at Work

On The Job

Are you happy with your job? There have been times I've loved my job, but didn't like the company where I worked. Or I liked the job, but thought my boss was a lunatic.

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The Facts about Startup Business Lines of Credit

Small Business CEO

The truth about lines of credit for businesses is yet to be known by both existing and aspiring entrepreneurs. This is so because most of the sources available to provide information concerning lines of credit are too generic and inaccurate.

2017 64

Standing Up with Rob Jacobs


On this episode of the show, I speak with Rob Jacobs. Rob is a leader in the walking for health movement and the co-founder of Unsit – a company that created the first ever treadmill you can use under your standing desk at work. We talk about why standing simply works when it comes to boosting personal productivity, why sitting too long has similar effects as smoking, why walking is a great way to problem solve, and more.

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Top Jobs You Can Get With A Math Degree

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One of the most common complaints you’ll hear in every high school class is this: “When are we ever going to use this stuff?”. And they have a point. But, in reality, math is required for effective money management and money forms the backbone of our economy. This simply means that if your math is right, you’ll know your way around numbers quite easily. To give you an idea, here are the top jobs you can get with a math degree. Insurance.

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How To Clean A Blood Spill: Safe and Proper Blood Cleanup from Workplace Accidents

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Many of us think that safe and proper cleaning of blood spills is as simple as taking a mop and a bucket of water mixed with bleach. But to tell you a fact, there is no simple thing about a blood cleanup. Aside from the fact that it can be potentially infectious, blood is hard to clean because of its ability to attach tightly to the fabric and penetrate into porous materials. As such, a stain might look clean but has dangerous bacteria just beneath the surface.

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Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for The Best Auto Insurance in Canada

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Shopping for the best auto insurance in Canada can be confusing. This can lead to you making costly mistakes, such as failing to protect your assets with the correct auto insurance policy. But, don’t worry. With this guide, we’ll outline the top 5 mistakes that Canadians make when shopping for auto insurance. With our help, you’re sure to find the coverage you need. Failing to Shop Around. This is the most common mistake Canadians make – not shopping for insurance at all!

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