Wed.Jul 03, 2019

13 Things You Can Do With Your Old Phone

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Smartphones are a necessity nowadays but one big setback in using them is that we need to upgrade on a regular basis. The newest technology today can be obsolete in a short year or two. This leads most people to discard their phones, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

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It's Time to Complain

On The Job

Conscious complaining. This isn't a term that I was familiar with until I found it in Pamela McLean's new book, "Self as Coach, Self as Leader: Developing the Best in You to Develop the Best in Others."

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5 Essential Things To Check Before Taking A Road Trip

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Road trips with your friends and family are always an enjoyable and exciting experience. However, without preparation and the right checklist for a long road trip, the whole experience can turn into a complete nightmare. Here, we have put together a handy guide you can use.

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Episode 251: Being a Late Bloomer with Rich Karlgaard


On today’s episode, I spent time with Rich Karlgaard. Rich Karlgaard, author of Late Bloomers: The Power of Patience in a World Obsessed with Early Achievement , is the publisher of Forbes magazine and is based in Silicon Valley.

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Skin Allergies Are More Than Just A Cosmetic Problem

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Bumps, redness, itching, and several other signs of skin allergies are becoming more common. They not only cause discomfort, but they are also embarrassing, especially when they appear on the face or exposed skin.

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Your Site’s Domain Authority Has Dropped – Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Freak Out

Small Business CEO

Moz has changed its algorithm for calculating DA, causing many site scores to decrease. Here are three ways to maintain your site’s rank now that the dust has settled. The Moz-developed domain authority, or DA, is a metric that many companies use to verify their SEO effectiveness.

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