Tue.Jul 30, 2019

Simple Yet Effective Habits For A Better, Happier Life

Dumb Little Man

If you could make yourself happier, wouldn’t you? If you know the habits for happiness, would you consider doing them? It’s natural to want to be happy, since ‘happiness’ is just your brain moderating the chemicals flowing around your body in a way that leaves you content and smiling.

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How to work with a visionary manager

Practically Perfect PA

Every business is started by someone with a vision. They are the driving force behind the business, and they want to change the world. You might not work for the person who started the organisation.

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Staying Productive: 8 Tips I Follow To Break My Productivity Slump

Dumb Little Man

For the last few days, I have been feeling way too sleepy. That could be because the weather is fantastic where I live or I am overeating (I just ordered Mexican food from Chili’s) or both. The point is I am a solopreneur, a freelancer.

2019 210

Time Management for the Modern Assistant

Office Dynamics

Year after year, one of the biggest struggles executive assistants report to me is effective time management. Let’s face it: your days are chaotic. You’re pulled in a million different directions, and many of you have multiple leaders to support.

2019 171

How to Protect Your Assets When Working Remotely

Dumb Little Man

Remote work comes with numerous benefits. Whether you are a freelancer, run your own business or work for a company with flexible work options, getting out of the office is refreshing and can be great for creativity. But it can also be dangerous—for your data, at least.

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30 Day Challenge: Life Reboot Wrap-Up

Simple Productivity Blog

I spent a month working through a life reboot. I found that it was useful in many ways.but that at the same time I needed to recover from a hard-drive crash of life rather than the stuffed memory that required a reboot. The post 30 Day Challenge: Life Reboot Wrap-Up appeared first on Laura Earnest.

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10 Things You Might Not Know About Python

Small Business CEO

Python is everywhere! No, we’re not talking about the longer, non-poisonous, slimy reptilian cousin of your average garden snake, but rather the programming language that has by and large taken over the IT industry.

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