Sun.Apr 05, 2020

Doing A Media Fast

Simple Productivity Blog

How much time per day do you spend consuming media? I'm talking about news, magazines, social media and websites. Has it increased with the pandemic? Is it doing you good? Or is it making you anxious and depressed? A media fast can help us break the cycle that news has over us.

2020 130

Every Crisis Is A Portal – And So Is The Coronavirus Crisis

Brilliantly Better

For reasons beyond my comprehension, I’ve been exposed to various types of crises for a long part of my life.

2020 81

Episode 291: How I Built My Business


On this episode of the podcast I fly solo! I talk about why I’ve added a second episode to the podcast each week and present (nearly) all of the story of how I’ve built my business as per a request from a podcast listener.

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