Fri.Jun 28, 2019

How To Change A Flat Tire And Other Important Car Tips

Dumb Little Man

Driving and owning your own car means that there is one skill you totally should have up your sleeve, and that’s how to change a flat tire.

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7 Energy-Saving Ideas for Summer

Ian's Messy Desk

The post 7 Energy-Saving Ideas for Summer appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. Non-profit organizations face the same challenges and costs, when it comes to operating their facilities. Rent, taxes, insurance, utilities are all part of the cost of doing business.

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Best Games Like Skyrim For Android 2019

Dumb Little Man

Android gaming has definitely grown a lot. In the past few years, we witnessed this to a large extent. Games like Pokémon Go and PUBG have emerged as trends and changed our whole perception towards mobile games.

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Technology of the week:

Practically Perfect PA

This week’s Technology of the Week: What is is a platform that allows users to record conversations, transcribe the audio and share the results. What does It has lots of features including Recording conversations right from your phone or computer.

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5 Ways Your Business Can Take Advantage of Laser Cutting Technology

Small Business CEO

Do you run a manufacturing business or similar? Are you still using traditional cutting technology to get the job done? Did you know that laser cutters can add huge value to your business. They can make your job quicker, easier and faster.

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Why a Business Needs a Commercial Lawyer

Small Business CEO

For small business owners – there is a common myth that you should only enlist the services of a commercial lawyer if there is an urgent need like a plumber or an electrician.

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