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Virtual Assistant or Personal Assistant? What do you think?

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The other day I received a question in my group: I'd like to consider virtual assistants or maybe a personal assistant. Who has had luck with these.are some better than others? Thanks, Carol from Nebraska. Knowing how to build your team is a critical choice.

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Crowdsourcing as a Business Solution

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Crowdsourcing is a relatively new platform which can be used to accomplish a great deal of work that used to be costly and time-consuming to complete. Crowdsourcing is a fantastic business solution when it comes to problems like repetitive tasks, copywriting, editing and more.

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Here Are Three Pieces of Software Small businesses should consider!

The Small Business Blog

Starting a new business can be a very exciting time, and also a very busy one. The business has to be launched, new customers found, and many suppliers dealt with, and such a large amount of work in the business’s early days can often be overwhelming. It is all too easy to become tied up…

Gina Loves Box (Taken with Instagram)

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Gina Loves Box (Taken with Instagram

Business Cloud Computing. Yes, but…

The Small Business Blog

Is it affordable, or are you getting ripped off by the business cloud computing vendor? Do you pay more than $15/£10 per user for all the business apps you need? Is it an integrated solution, can you get all apps from one cloud computing vendor? Or is the cloud vendor a one trick pony? Is…

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Managing Staff: Four Tips

The Small Business Blog

If you are a manager then you will be familiar with the balancing act needed between being friendly with staff, and letting them know that you are in charge. You may occasionally encounter staff members who want to be your best friend, or, on the other hand, may seem to dislike you simply because you’re…

Looking forward to this upcoming webseries and book!!!

Denise Aday

Looking forward to this upcoming webseries and book !!!

Cash Mobs Help Support Local Businesses and Economies

The Small Business Blog

A cash mob is an event typically organized by a resident of a local area which encourages a group of people to get together and spend a specific amount of money at a local business. Cash mobs help support local businesses and also give the local economy a boost. If organized properly, they are also…


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Book Review: “Sin and Syntax”

Daily Writing Tips

In 1999, writer and editor Constance Hale, perhaps inspired by Karen Elizabeth Gordon’s whimsically worded and illustrated grammar and punctuation guides, wrote Sin and Syntax: How to Craft Wickedly Effective Prose. Hale’s book, like Gordon’s works, remains superb proof that reading handbooks about writing can be an experience both nutritious and tasty. Sin and Syntax is organized into three themed sections: One examines language at the word level, devoting chapters to the parts of speech.

Pinterest Plus! / 7 Things you Probably Aren’t Doing on Pinterest but Should Be

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Pinterest Plus! / 7 Things you Probably Aren’t Doing on Pinterest but Should Be : Although it can take more time, proper pin and repin practices will make for a more enjoyable, more highly curated user experience. via Liz Jostes. pinterest social media

Mikes on Mics is Moving


Mike Vardy talks about the two most recent Mikes on Mics podcast episodes, and also reveals that Mikes on Mics is moving