Fri.Aug 30, 2019

Is Your Home Business Really a Small Business?

Tips From T. Marie

On September 7 th , 2019 I will have run a home business for 12 years successfully. Over that time, I’ve discovered that although my little one-woman show gets categorized as a small business, that moniker doesn’t always fit or benefit my home office operation.

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How to Style Your Living Room The Way You Want It

Dumb Little Man

While it would be nice to walk into a showroom full of sleek, modern Scandinavian furniture, point to everything and say, “I’ll send a truck on Tuesday” — who really has that kind of money?

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30 Day Challenge: Touch It Once Wrapup

Simple Productivity Blog

I spent a month putting things away immediately - and found that not only were things neater, but my procrastination and stress went down too! The post 30 Day Challenge: Touch It Once Wrapup appeared first on Laura Earnest. 30 Day Challenge

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