Mon.Mar 12, 2012

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Time to Kill Your Mental Boundaries

Dumb Little Man

What do you believe about yourself? It is remarkably easy to become convinced of your limitations. This actually is very beneficial in many cases.

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Top 5 Tips for Small Business Work-Life Balance

The Small Business Blog

Top 5 Tips posts from the SME Blog are always full of hints and tips for small, home & micro business owners. Make sure that you are able to prioritise your workload in order to tackle it in the most efficient way possible. Your entire schedule should be based around ‘most important tasks first’…

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2012 47

The Future Of Education Is Online

Productivity Bits

How to teach kids more effectively? The school environment is the most important portion of that. There is no doubt about it. There is an urgency that school children need to learn more math and science. That is specially true here in the US. What if the parents can utilize a cool tool to augment their kids’ learning? ” Simple step.

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The Questions I Would Ask If I Were Marketing Your Business – Comment and Part 1

The Small Business Blog

About a month ago I read the following post: The Questions I Would Ask If I Were Marketing Your Business on the MarketingProfs site. It’s a pretty interesting article and worth a read, particularly where it pushes for more data and real examples to be used to back up all the advice and information that…

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Create Simple Systems

Office Organization Success

A system simply describes HOW you do something i.e.: How do you create a new client file? How do you handle client enquiries? How do you monitor receipts/expenses? How do you track contact data? How do you stay in touch with your clients/prospects? Quick Biz Tip

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Optimize Your Time on Social Media: Avoid the Social Media Time Suck

Productive & Organized

Ashley Zeckman wrote a great post about how to effectively use your time on social media.    In it, she covers: Avoiding Shiny Object Pitfalls. Tips for an Optimized Focus. Tools for Optimizing Your Time. Curation Tools – good for quickly gathering. It looks long, but takes about 2.5   Here is the link:  [link].  

Asana: What Needs Doing


I’m pretty pleased with my experience with Asana since I really started using it at the start of the year. But there are things I don’t like. Well….

Gatekeeping: what does it actually mean?

Practically Perfect PA

In the minds of these industries we are the people to get around and the barrier to overcome. Tanya Battel. Louise Jones. Megan Stewart.

Personal Objectives for Life Balance

Ian's Messy Desk

More than ever before, we play many roles in our lives. We are workers, parents, spouses, friends, caregivers and volunteers in their communities. We also try and make room in our lives for taking care of our own well-being. Not surprisingly, achieving balance among all these competing priorities can be difficult. Career : finances, fulfillment.

The Moxie of Reinvention

Virtual Moxie

Yesterday was a big day here at AssistU , and I wanted to share the news with you. I hung in for awhile. If struggle doesn’t work, try ease. Moved on.

Administrative Assistant Conference Speaker David Meinz

Office Dynamics

Welcome to our Speaker Series! We have dedicated several blogs to informing you about our administrative assistant conference speaker line-up. With each message we'll introduce a speaker and share with you a little bit about them as well as why we chose them to be a presenter at the 19th Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence.