Mon.May 21, 2018

Co-Living Startups Continue to Attract Funding

Small Business Labs

According to Crunchbase , an "analysis of residential-focused real estate startups uncovered a raft of companies with a shared and temporary housing focus that have raised funding in the past year or so."

2018 212

5 Things to Let Go If You Want to Be Happy

Dumb Little Man

There are some things in life that have us convinced that life without them would be terrible or uncomfortably weird. In reality, however, life generally gets better without those things. Nothing in life should create a dependency. I recently let go of a lot of junk, including material possessions, and I’ve never felt better in my life. If you want to experience the same things, here are the top things to let go so you can start living the life you’ve always wanted.

2018 174

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Life Reframed

Office Dynamics

As we come upon Memorial Weekend, I thought I would share something very personal and deep with you but with a happy ending. For 10 years, I have not enjoyed Memorial Weekend. Why is that when throughout my life I always enjoyed every holiday?

2018 204

This is the Problem With Workplace Friendships

On The Job

I'm sure you've experienced this in your career: There are people you become friends with on the job, and feel so grateful to have found such relationships. Then, there are the people you work with who you wish would get a job on Mars. Having friends at work can be a blast.

2018 151

How to Strengthen your Personal Finance to Run your Organisation

Small Business CEO

They say 90% of all startups fail. To succeed then, perhaps you should launch 10 startups? Jokes aside, a major reason for startup failure is poor financial management (amongst other factors – such as a poor team or product).

2018 70

Why Your Home Business Should Have an Office

Small Business CEO

With more and more people deciding to work from home or starting up their own business venture, the idea of working at an office seems to be fading.

2018 65

Small Business Financing: A Few Misconceptions Addressed

Small Business CEO

Navigating the lending landscape seems to be an eternal struggle for small businesses – thanks to the series of misconceptions associated with small business financing, in general. Small business lending rules that existed 10 years ago, don’t really exist anymore.