Tue.Mar 27, 2018

Fab Labs, Maker Spaces and the 3rd Digital Revolution

Small Business Labs

A new book, Designing Reality , argues we're entering the 3rd digital revolution, which the authors say is based on new fabrication techniques and technologies.    In case you were wondering, the book says the first two digital revolutions were computing and communications.

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Creating A Car Budget: 7 Things You Can Give Up For That Brand New Car

Dumb Little Man

Getting a new car is way cheaper than you think. In fact, buying a car on finance can even be less expensive than the monthly cost of a fancy new iPhone, broadband contract or your gym membership! So, ready to hit the open road? Here’s how to set your car budget by giving up some of your unnecessary expenses. Cut: Daily coffee fix. Get: Honda Jazz. It’s easy to fall into the trap of buying a latte on your way to work every day, especially when every other store is a coffee house.

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The Secret to Motivation

Eat Your Career

I’m currently listening to the book, “The Motivation Myth” by Jeff Haden. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s been incredibly motivating! I’m only about halfway through and, already, I can confidently say it’s one of the best books I’ve read on the topic of goal achievement.

2018 141

Spelling Variations

Daily Writing Tips

This post discusses several factors responsible for variations in spelling, with examples. For much of the history of the English language, spelling was more an art than a science; because of lapses in literacy, there was no standard orthography.

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What are The Responsibilities of Company Directors?

Small Business CEO

Whether you are contracting for your own limited company or you are appointed as the director for someone else’s company, there are certain duties that you are required by law to perform as director.

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4 Things to Remember for Good Customer Service

Small Business CEO

Excellent customer services are the most important aspect of business these days; it is very important to keep the customer service standard high. Good customer service helps us to reach our goals in business.

5 Things You Need to Know About X-Ray Scanners

Small Business CEO

It might not seem like the most obvious piece of equipment that a company needs, but an X-Ray machine can be a vital part of you day-to-day workings and facilities management. They’re essential in tightening your security measures.

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