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Top Security Ideas for Businesses You Need to Implement ASAP

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A thief walks through an unlocked door and manages to steal valuable property – money, fixtures and intellectual property. A security guard, working a double shift, falls asleep and fails to prevent a violent crime on the premises. An office employee wanders into the wrong area of the building and suffers an injury due to lack of proper safety clothing or equipment. Off-shift vandalism shuts down a factory line for days, costing the organization thousands of dollars.

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Finding Good Side Hustles

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The growth of the gig economy means there are literally hundreds of apps, sites, marketplaces and companies that claim working with them is a good way to earn money.      This proliferation of options leads to an obvious problem. How do you know which option is the right one? Trying to help gig workers figure this out is SideHusl , which is a directory service claiming to be "the web's best resource for money making opportunities." 

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Common Cybersecurity Problems Faced By Business Owners

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Cybersecurity threats can come at your business from a variety of angles. Any time money and sensitive data are involved, there is a cybercriminal waiting in the wings trying to steal it.

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A Guide to Internal Punctuation

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This post outlines the functions of punctuation marks employed within a sentence: the comma, the semicolon, the colon, and ellipses. Comma. A comma performs a number of functions, including. setting off elements of a list (“I’m going to order soup, salad, and an entrée”).

What is CIBIL Score and How to Improve Your CIBIL Score?

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Does the word CIBIL score ring any bell? Do you know what it is? Or why does it matter to you? Well, read on! CIBIL score refers to 3 numerical digits which signify the credit history effectiveness of an individual.

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4 Ways for Startup Trucking Companies to Reduce Costs

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Many entrepreneurs are starting to see the value of operating a business within the industry of truck driving. However, startup companies suffer from high failure rates, and new establishments survive on thin profit margins.

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