Wed.Jul 11, 2018

7 Ways on How to Be More Positive In Life Despite Your Negative Past

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Every day, I come across so many people who seem to have lost their spirit for the present and future. It breaks my heart to see people with so much potential choosing to give up due to their past experiences. Whether it’s a family crisis, relationships or financial issues, problems that occur at an early age stick to a person’s mind like gum. I have noticed this in every age group- from terrified childhood to depressed teenage years and hopeless adult life.

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3 Ways to Better Connect With Co-Workers

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If you could spend 40 to 50 hours per week with a handful of (living) people, who would you pick? Chances are you are going to say your significant other, best friend, some famous actor or actress and possibly even your favorite bartender.

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10 Quick Office Lunch Ideas You Need to Try

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After skipping my breakfast and starving for hours at the office, it’s finally time to feed my little paunch. I rushed to the washroom as the clock ticked 1:00. Then, I quickly headed to the lunch table with my tiny little box. With huge relief and excitement, I opened my box and there goes my smile giving birth to a frown on my face. For most of us, when it comes to lunch at work, we prefer packing a meal to save money and to avoid fattening food.

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Most Eco-Friendly Coasts on the Planet

Eco-Office Gals

The several islands that make up the Caribbean Islands have some of the most beautiful natural features surrounding them.

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5 Strategies For Paying Off Student Loans Fast

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No one can deny the fact that education nowadays has become very expensive. It is not always possible to fund the whole investment personally and sometimes, you’ll need assistance in the form of student loans. If you have a good strategy in place though, paying off student loans fast is possible. In case you are having problems devising a plan alone, you can reach out to a financial adviser who can analyze your outstanding loan and give you the best method to clear it.

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How to Successfully Protect Company Trademarks

Small Business CEO

Only 50% of patent applications have the potential of being accepted in a good year in the United States. The application process is long and arduous, and that’s if you’re lucky enough not to go wade through an appeal’s process.

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