Wed.Jul 04, 2018

9 Style Tips For College Students

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College is when people make lifelong connections. It can be very fun and full of lessons all at once. However, unlike impressing your next-door neighbor with your skills, you’ll need to exert more effort for your teachers. Many courses in college require students to be serious and face their studies squarely.

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The Evolution of Getting Things Done with David Allen


David Allen joins me on this episode of the podcast to dive deeper into the Getting Things Done methodology. The meat of our conversation gets into how it has evolved over the years since it first was introduced in 2001.

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Top Solutions to Social Media Problems You Can Actually Use

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You check it all the time. You hop on the thumb treadmill the first moment a slight twinge of boredom sets in. Your social media knows a lot about you- the stories you’ll like or share, the friends you don’t want to hear from but won’t unfollow, how hard your last breakup was. Social media companies know a lot about you and have a vested interest in keeping your eyes focused on their feeds. Their bottom lines depend on being able to get ads in front of your face.

How Social Media can be Harnessed to Monetize Your Web Presence

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A web platform is one of the most crucial aspects underlying any modern organization’s operations. This provides your connection with the outside worlds; your communication hub where you keep in touch with stakeholders at every level.

Effective Tips for Writing Assignments You Probably Didn’t Know About

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For many students, transitioning to high school can cause an academic whiplash. They have to adapt to a new environment, adjust with the surroundings, and most importantly, score well in their academics. If students are serious about getting the best grades, they have to get a number of things sorted. The first on the list is assignment writing.

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4 Ways Employee Wellbeing Can Grow Your Business

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The mention of ‘wellness’ can bring to mind visions of new age healthy living hysteria, avocados and yoga.

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