Wed.May 22, 2019

8 Avoidable Workplace Safety Mistakes

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Let’s accept it. Not all businesses are serious about their workplace safety. Some of them leave the safety on the mercy of a few fire extinguishers and a couple of warning signs here and there.

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Three More "Error Quests" for You

Business Writing

Test your error-finding skills in each of the three short passages below. Each passage has just one error. Passage 1: The purpose of the conversation is to recognize the common ground between members of the Republican Party and the Democrat. Gems of Language Grammar and Usage Proofreading

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How to Decorate your Home

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Some people have a strong gut feeling for home decor. They exactly know what to buy and where to place it. They can also visualize the colors and they’re never afraid of change. Then, there are those people who always have their interior designer’s phone number on speed dial.

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Is Your Workplace Toxic?

On The Job

Is your workplace toxic? A survey of 9,000 tech workers by Blind finds that more than half of those surveyed believe they are indeed working in a toxic environment.

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Episode 245: What Happy Successful People Do Differently with Marc and Angel Chernoff


On today’s episode, I spent time again with Marc and Angel Chernoff.

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What Makes Cloud Tech The Best Option for Securing Your Sensitive Business Data?

Small Business CEO

When it comes to running a business, modern technology is always evolving. This is great news for all entrepreneurs as it offers ways to improve efficiency, reduce overheads and increase staff productivity.

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Best Tech Devices for Small Business Offices

Small Business CEO

In today’s competitive business environment, every business is striving to raise its efficiency and productivity to gain an edge over others. What can you, as the owner of a small business, do to achieve that feat?

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Learn How to Grow an Efficient Startup Business

Small Business CEO

Starting and running a startup business is overwhelming. There are many things to learn or to know – from picking a talented, diverse team; launching your product or service fast; understanding your users to let your idea evolve. On top of that, if you are attempting to capitalize on a product or service for which you believe there is a demand, you must also think ahead and learn how to grow your startup business.

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