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3 Cases Where One Word Makes a Difference

Daily Writing Tips

Often, the presence or absence of one word, or its location, can change the meaning of a sentence, or at the least affect the statement’s clarity. In each of the following sentences, inserting, omitting, or moving a word, respectively, improves its readability.

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Time Management – The Secret to Effective and Productive Project Management

Office Dynamics

“So much to do, so little time to do it” – this is a phrase that we tend to hear quite often in PM. “24 24 hours is no longer enough”; another phrase some project managers may have said at one point in time in their career. The field of project management is quite a dynamic one; requiring the skillful management of financial, material and human resources.

Cultural Divide Due To Languages: Is It Possible?

Dumb Little Man

Countries around the world experience division in so many ways. They can be divided by religion, caste systems, and even educational background. In some places, socio-economic standings count, too. This particular article, however, will focus on language. A cultural divide due to languages restricts people from socializing with each other. Take, for example, a person from a British-English speaking background.

What Dogs Can Teach Us About Careers -- and Life

On The Job

It's been about a year since my beloved dog, Annie, went to doggie heaven. She was a constant companion while I worked every day, and recently I came across this post I wrote about her several years ago. In honor of a great friend, here's a repeat of the post. Valuable career advice can be gleaned from a variety of sources, including Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, Apple founder Steve Jobs and even Monty Python.

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Grammar Quiz #6: Dangling Modifiers

Daily Writing Tips

Each of the following sentences includes a dangling modifier, a phrase that provides additional information but, because of its erroneous placement, confuses readers about what it is modifying; revise the sentences as necessary: 1.

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Fast mode and slow mode

Clutter Coach

by Today I’m sharing with you a blog post by Leo Babauta who writes Zen Habits. He writes about how he drastically simplified and improved his life and he describes zen-flavored productivity techniques. I highly recommend reading him. This post is about fast mode vs. slow mode. Fast mode has its place. We’ve all got lot of little jobs on our to do lists that just need to be knocked off quickly.