Fri.Mar 16, 2018

So, you’ve been asked to start a blog for your business… Where do you start?

Practically Perfect PA

It would seem that most businesses these days have a blog on their website and it is becoming a key skill for office workers to have. It makes sense, blogs are an effective way to get messages, content and news out to customers. It is a great way of marketing the products and services to […].

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3 Ways To Stop Your Bad Habits

Dumb Little Man

Have you ever found yourself saying, “I have plenty of time, I can work on this later” or, “What I do now doesn’t matter, again I’m young” ? If so, I’m here to say that it does matter, particularly when you’re learning how to stop bad habits. There’s a saying that I’ve been hearing a lot lately. Past performance is indicative of future returns.”. Now, although it’s usually said when discussing a financial institution, I believe that it can be applied to so much more.

2018 168

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Do You Have A Problem Saying No?

Office Dynamics

What are your tips on the best way an assistant can overcome their problem saying no. “I have a real problem saying no at work. How do assert myself when I can’t take on any more?” ” This is one question I frequently here from administrative and executive assistants.

2018 162

35 Numerical Prefixes

Daily Writing Tips

This post lists prefixes of Greek and/or Latin provenance used in expressions of numerical relationships, with examples. uni-: “one” ( unicycle ). mono-: “one” ( monogamy ). du-: “two” ( duplicate ); sometimes duo- ( duopoly ). deuter-: “two” ( deuterium ); sometimes deutero- ( deuterograph ).

2018 66

Your Website Needs Work. Here Are 6 Things You Can Do Tomorrow

Small Business CEO

Have you put off building your personal website for way too long? Or do you have a half-dormant, sort-of website that you’d prefer no one you know lay eyes on?

2018 59