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Looking Forward With Intention [Free Webinar for Assistants]

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Plus, in honor of the holiday season, she’ll have some special gifts to share for lucky attendees! Strategies for setting meaningful goals for 2016 and what you can do now to improve your chances of success. How to set career goals. • Goal setting for the new year. It’s hard to believe another year is nearly over.

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How to Gain Respect and Make Professional Connections

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Listen, some people are born with that 'gift'. The goal is not to be the Anthony Robbins of your office, but perhaps with some work, you can take your game up a notch. Mutual Respect is Crucial Learning to be assertive is very important for healthy relationships. Assertiveness is a way of communicating with mutual respect. Consider assertiveness in your everyday life and start practicing. Who do you have trouble being assertive around?

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