Bringing the Outside In

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The sight and smell of greenery (and any other colours you care to throw into the mix) elevates the feeling in a building and, according to NASA, living plants help to filter out airborne pollution. Other companies think that a floral touch is too frilly and makes the place look fussy and unprofessional; they may also see caring for plants and buying in new flowers each week as unnecessary expenses.

8 Of The Most Iconic Cars From The Movies

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At the time of its release, the movie was the most expensive film shot in Europe. It inspired a whole host of other airborne vehicles in movies, such as Star Wars Episode 1 & 2 and the Fifth Element. Throughout the years, the big screen has featured some of the most iconic cars in the automobile industry, and in many cases, the actors have been upstaged by the actual cars! Here are eight of the best movie cars. Lexus 2054 – Minority Report. Via

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Borne By, Borne On, and Borne With

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Today most people think that [the expense of] having children should be borne on everyone else. Blame and expense are borne by people, not on them. High in the sky, water in clouds can act as a temptress to lure airborne pollutants such as sulfur dioxide into reactive aqueous particulates. The English word bear has so many definitions and uses that it could provide fodder for several posts. This article is about the use of the past participle borne followed by a preposition.

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