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I'm back!!

Laughing all the Way to Work

My daughter had just left home and I was a empty nester so I had time to try something different and put some time and effort into a new position. The CEO I was working for at the time was very busy and my meeting scheduling skills were put to the test. He was also an international traveler so I had to learn everything about time zones, flights and everything in between when your boss travels to a foreign country. hours a week seemed like a part-time job to me.

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How To Make Friends Online

Brilliantly Better

Twitter: Some of the people I follow are born in the UK, have family in Poland, but also spend a lot of time in Romania. Another pretty active guy on Facebook is Colin Wright , (from ) who is originally from the States but has lately been residing all over the planet, last time in Bangkok, if I’m not wrong. Email: Some of the people that I’ve followed for a long time have also becoming regular contributors to my email inbox.

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