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Merriam-Webster’s 2015 Word of the Year Isn’t Even a Word

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Though terrorism has seemed to gain ubiquity only in the last couple of decades—in the United States, the terrorist attacks on New York City’s World Trade Center and on the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, prompted the nation’s preoccupation with the concept—the word was first used in the late eighteenth century, and of course the strategy is as old as political organization. But later in the post, I twice wrote ism (once in plural form, and then in singular construction) as if it’s a word.

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Will This Tough Job Market Change Generation Y?

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Then the 2001 recession hit the Telecom and IT sector. Interning is supposed to get you ahead, to help you find a job but now it seems people are just taking advantage. They want you ready-formed with skills you can use day one. Many have no health insurance, many can't find a well paying job, or even be independent.

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