Must Read Tips for Skype Interviews

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With modern technology, being in the office isn't always a necessity for the interview process. Skype and similar web-conferencing tools allow interviewers to connect with candidates throughout the world. Workplace Technology College Mobile Learning Resume Career

What I Learned From 450 Revolutionary Assistants in Las Vegas

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It was the first time my company OfficeTeam was participating in the event. She started as a temporary professional with OfficeTeam, honing her skills and knocking down challenges one by one. Continue pursuing opportunities to learn and be challenged.

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OfficeTeam Reveals Mistakes That Could Derail Your Job Search

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We read this story today by OfficeTeam and felt it was valuable and wanted to share it with you. According to specialized staffing firm OfficeTeam , the idea is especially relevant when searching for employment. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut during the job hunt,” said Robert Hosking, executive director of OfficeTeam. “If OfficeTeam offers the following job search don’ts along with advice for what to try instead: Don’t. About OfficeTeam. Hello reader!

How Administrative Professionals Can Prepare for the Office of the Future

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by Brandi Britton, district president, OfficeTeam. This article was originally published in Executive Secretary Magazine and shared with permission by OfficeTeam and it’s author. Connect with us on Facebook , LinkedIn , Twitter , Google+ , Pinterest and the OfficeTeam blog.

Are You the Scapegoat at Work?

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Take responsibility, say what you''ve learned from it, be willing to move on and don''t harp on it for six months." According to a recent OfficeTeam survey , managers can get caught in this situation. Everyone makes mistakes, but it''s often difficult to own up to them at work.

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