Thu.Jul 04, 2019

How to Make Meal Planning a Fun Kitchen Adventure

Dumb Little Man

How many times a week do your kids ask you what’s for dinner? How often can you give them confident replies? If you’re always fussing about what to cook or eat the whole week, don’t fret because there’s a solution for you. Meal planning. Have you tried this?

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Don’t take it personally! Growing a ‘thick skin’ at work

Practically Perfect PA

At the recent Virtual Summit, I was talking to a group of Assistants about resilience and how we gain respect in the office. Both of the Assistants said that we had to try not to take things too personally and that having a ‘thick skin’ is an excellent competency to have as an Assistant.

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Positive Career Affirmation #19

Eat Your Career

Everything I do today brings me closer to achieving my goals tomorrow. To learn more about affirmations and how to leverage them for career success, check out this article. The post Positive Career Affirmation #19 appeared first on Eat Your Career. Positive Career Affirmations achievement goals

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Startup Financial Management: 8 Tips for Staying in the Black

Small Business CEO

Are you managing a startup with little or no sales as yet? Running on a lean skeleton crew of employees banking on your promises of success? At this stage, it might seem most important to just do everything possible to keep the doors open, but that’s the wrong kind of thinking.

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Packing Checklist for a Humid Business Trip

Small Business CEO

Summer comes along and we all adjust to working in the heat it brings along, but working in high humidity is a whole other ball game.

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