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30 Archaic Adjectives and Adverbs

Daily Writing Tips

The words below are either obsolete, archaic, or old-fashioned, and though those in the latter category can still be found in modern writing, use all with caution. Sparing use keeps these words alive and adds a whimsical or quaint note, but too frequent recourse to such antiquities will have you sounding like a Renaissance Faire refugee. Most are adjectives or adverbs or both; some can function as other parts of speech as well, as indicated.). Anon (adv.):

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4 Ways to Deal With Negativity at Work

On The Job

I once worked with a woman who was so depressing to be around that people literally fast-walked to their offices and slammed the doors to get away from her. We all ate our lunches in our offices behind closed doors, because otherwise we would be subjected to her whining and complaining in the break room. I wish I had been a little smarter about what she was doing to all of us.

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10 Ways to Slow Down

Ian's Messy Desk

Do you have days when you feel life is rushing by at breakneck speed? Maybe your whole life feels that way. Here are 10 ways to slow it down and help you keep things in perspective: Stop multi-tasking. Computers multi-task by doing several things at once When people try to multi-task, they end up doing everything poorly. Turn off your television. Try going for a full week without turning it on. You will discover that you suddenly have a lot more leisure time. Ignore the telephone.

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Be More Productive By Blocking Noise

Simple Productivity Blog

Fridays are tip days at SimpleProductivity blog. I am easily distractable by noises and conversations. And judging from what I see around me at work, at coffee shops, the library and other places, I am not alone.