Thu.Oct 04, 2018

5 Super Easy Skin and Beauty Hacks For Lazy Girls

Dumb Little Man

Keeping ourselves camera-ready every day requires money, time, and effort. The usual Korean skincare routine, for instance, even involves 8 full steps. That is definitely not ideal for the naturally beauty-lazy people.

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How to make sure your emails are read… and actioned!

Practically Perfect PA

We’ve all been there. Draft a well thought out, concise and articulate email with a clear call to action. Check the email over and hit send. Then nothing. No reply. Nothing. So you send a follow-up email, that usually starts with ‘per my last email…’ and then nothing. Ahhhh!

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7 Trending Website Elements You Must Know

Small Business CEO

To make a trending website you have to keep on updating it. And for that, you have to focus on the part that hooks your users; the design. A new design can make your website a leading giant in its field.

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Digital Marketing for Beginners: 5 Things You Should Know Before Entering This Line of Business

Small Business CEO

Digital marketing is something virtually every business needs. That fact alone provides good job security, but this hasn’t gone unnoticed by many others hoping to enter the field. If you want to be able to compete and secure a position as a digital marketer, there’s a great deal to know.

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