Thu.Oct 18, 2018

Identify One Goal: The Secret to Discovering Your Purpose

Dumb Little Man

I think a lot of young people will find this post very useful if they were to apply themselves to it. Most often, I find people wondering what their purpose in life is. And before they discover it, they try a couple of things and make some mistakes.

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4 Amazing Women Bloggers On My Reading List

Tips From T. Marie

When I first started out my blog reading list was populated by the likes of Gary V , Mike Michalawicz, Chris Brogan and Seth Godin.

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Top 5 Tips for Managing Tasks and Priorities for Assistants

Office Dynamics

I have several tips I can offer on this subject, but here are the top 5. If you make any one of these a habit, you will see an increase in your productivity. FOCUS! This is the most important of all 5. In a world where people think multitasking is a valued skill, it isn’t.

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28 Good Words from Latin and Greek

Daily Writing Tips

Let’s talk about something good. Here is a variety of words for good things, based on ancient words for “good”: Latin bonus and Greek eu. Good words from Latin. In Rome, bonus was the Latin word for “good, noble, kind, honest, brave.”

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All You Need to Know About Account-based Sales and Marketing

Small Business CEO

ABS stands for Always Be Selling – everyone knows that, right? After all, if you relax on your sales strategy for even a moment, your customers could forget you, your competition could gain an edge, and your business could fold completely.

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How to Excel at Spread Betting

Small Business CEO

Spread betting is a trading method activity that can help you achieve substantial rewards with regards to your capital, if done right.

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