Sun.Nov 03, 2019

What’s the Hidden Cost?

Simple Productivity Blog

Last month I did a spending freeze. I spent no unnecessary money, and it really opened my eyes. I had gotten in the habit of running to the store with the pretext of buying something necessary, only to come home with much more. When I did the spending freeze, I realized how much extra this was costing me in both time and energy. Everything has a cost. There are no exceptions. But are you aware of the hidden costs of time and energy of areas in your life?

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Advice from the Pros On How To Take Your Business To the Next Level

Small Business CEO

How ambitious are you when it comes to your business? Are you comfortable with the way things are? Do the numbers seem to be adding up in your favor, and you want to cruise at your current level? Or, are you looking to improve and move up in the world continuously?

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3 Marketing Ideas To Use During The Holidays

Small Business CEO

With the holidays coming up quickly, it’s time to start thinking about how you can cater some of your marketing strategies to take advantage of this shopping season.

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3 Tips for Giving Your Investors Gifts For the Holidays

Small Business CEO

The holidays are right around the corner- ’tis the season for cheer, merriment…and, if you’re a corporate leader, figuring out what to do about corporate gifts for your important investors.

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