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Why you should get out of your comfort zone right now

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A crucial aspect of being an Assistant is that ability to organise everything backstage so that others can shine. We are so used to being that support for others that quite often we are stuck in a bit of a rut with our own personal and professional development. I wonder if it stops us from […]. Career Development Featured admin administrators Career EA Executive Assistant Office manager PA Personal Assistant Virtual Assistant

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What To Do If Your Significant Other Hates Working Out

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There is a lot of information supporting working out in a group. From helping with accountability to pushing you to the next level of your fitness, there are many positives to exercising with at least one other person. If you have an anti-exercise significant other, here’s how to get your partner to exercise. Ask If They Hate Working Out Or Just YOUR Workouts. It can be easy to think that your partner hates working out because he doesn’t want to join in with your workouts.

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Pujas And Patching – And Why They Work

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As I already wrote in the first post of these series, the concept of Karma is at the same time simpler, but more inclusive than the popular Western belief “justice shall be made” There is no external judge, applying some… The post Pujas And Patching – And Why They Work appeared first on Dragos Roua. Personal Development Spirituality & Beliefs

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How Does the US Workforce Spend Their Vacation?

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When life at work gets a little tricky, the promise of an upcoming vacation can often be enough to get us through. Some of us have more time away from the office than others, and how people choose to spend that time can vary widely. Recent research has given us insight into how we use our time off. Their survey of 2,000 Americans has revealed some of the most common vacation habits around the country. Do people make the most of paid vacation?

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Competition and Collaboration Interplay Creates High Performing Teams


Many of us have heard the story about the classical race between the tortoise and hare but did you know that there is a version 2.0 of that metaphor? In essence, there was a re-match as the rabbit wanted to prove that being the fastest and ergonomically conducive animal, it would win the second race. Here, the tortoise was obviously left behind but the hare came to a major roadblock in their race track i.e. the bank of a river.

Using Mail Merge to Boost Customer Engagement

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When it comes to business outreach, you should never underestimate the effectiveness of email marketing. In today’s world, you might think that social media would be a better approach, and while social media is definitely useful, email remains the preferred method of communication for most business professionals. Hero image courtesy of Pexels.

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Help Your Career by Learning the Art of Persuasion

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Have you ever tried to persuade someone to do something at work -- give you a pay raise, let you take on a new project, adopt a new system -- and you fail miserably? There's a reason for your lack of success. The technical term is called "reactance," which in layman's terms means: "The harder you push, the less someone else will want to do what you want." That's a pretty key understanding of human nature if you want to be successful in your career.

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