Sat.Mar 21, 2020

Evernote: My Maintenance Routine

Simple Productivity Blog

Even though Evernote has some serious disadvantages (see Evernote: Love, Hate, and Usage ), it is still my chosen note software. Today I wanted to show you how I use Evernote so that things are manageable. When I first started using Evernote seriously, I researched the best practices.

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Budgeting Tips: Money-saving Ideas Every Family Should Know

Small Business CEO

Starting a family is one thing that will surely affect your finances, but growing one is where you actually feel the pinch. Finances should be one of the major considerations to have before starting and eventually growing your family.

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How Machine Vision Systems Help Reduce Recalls and Improve Reputation

Small Business CEO

Machine Vision systems or industrial vision technology have shown great advancements over the past decade, resulting in better efficiency and quality assurance while adhering to regulatory compliances.

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