Fri.Jul 12, 2019

9 Things To Give Up In Order To Become Conscious And Free

Dumb Little Man

To me, consciousness is about emotional self mastery. It’s the energetic and spiritual awareness of yourself and others and having the tools to be empowered and effective in whatever you do. Knowing how to become more conscious starts with that and letting go of a few things in your life.

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Technology to help motivate staff

Practically Perfect PA

An Executive once said to me “you are the glue that holds the department together, you create the culture.” ” She was so right, part of my role was to help motivate the department.

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Five Questions to Ask Before Saying “I’m Done” (Writing Tips)

Office Dynamics

Suppose you’re writing a sensitive email, article, or letter—one that’s extremely important in your world. The message must be as clear and concise as possible. Ask these five questions and follow the examples to make changes that will immediately improve your prose.

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