Tue.May 15, 2018

Study: Corporations Rely on Their Non-Employee Workforce

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SAP Fieldglass's External Workforce Insights 2018 study, 44% of workforce spend at large corporation is on external, non-employee talent. 

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Common Pitfalls Small Businesses Face and How to Avoid Them

Small Business CEO

Starting up a business is, without a doubt, an exciting venture. If you’re not excited about your new small business, then you just aren’t doing the right thing. However, it’s also a nerve wracking one and even the most seasoned of business owners will come across struggles along the way.

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The Definitive Guide To Cryptocurrencies

Dumb Little Man

There’s a lot of information out there about cryptocurrencies. However, for the vast majority of people understanding what they are and how to use them remains a mystery. Most people think that Bitcoin is the only type of cryptocurrency and that it only applies to illegal activities. In reality, that’s nowhere near the truth. To enlighten you, here’s a handy cryptocurrency guide you can use. What Is Cryptocurrency?

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Equity Crowdfunding – A Beginner’s Guide

Small Business CEO

While you once needed a lot of capital to gain equity in private companies, new laws have made possible for small investors to invest using limited capital through equity crowdfunding.

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A Guide to Abbreviations

Daily Writing Tips

Abbreviations are a sometimes necessary evil, but with the power to employ them comes great responsibility. This post outlines types of abbreviations and associated guidelines.

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The Location of Your Business is Crucial

Small Business CEO

Whether you are opening up a new shop or relocating your existing business, where you decide to go is essential to the overall aspect of your business. The right location can both boost sales and keep your doors open, or it could end up making you close the doors.

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