Mon.Aug 27, 2018

How to network at any PA event

Practically Perfect PA

I organise a lot of events, and I also attend a lot of events so I get to see a lot of networking take place and I can tell you straight away, most people find networking scary. That is why people avoid it at all costs, they either don’t go to events at all, or […].

Avoid Decision Fatigue: Learn The Steps for Effective Delegation

Dumb Little Man

Small business owners are no strangers to sacrifice. Whether it’s spending your family vacation tied to your laptop or skipping a paycheck to float the business, owners give their all to help their business succeed.

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Adjectives and Adverbs Guide

Daily Writing Tips

This post discusses two categories of parts and speech key to helping writers describe things and actions. Adjectives. An adjective is a word or a combination of two or more words that modify or provide additional information about a noun.

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8 Signs You Should Invest in a Virtual Receptionist

Small Business CEO

Freelancers, small businesses, and other businesses of all sizes and scope are finding value in virtual receptionists. While you might have heard of virtual receptionists, you might be wondering how making this move can truly benefit your company.

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Skillshare: On-Demand Learning for Freelancers (and others)

Small Business Labs

interesting conversation with Skillshare's CEO Matt Cooper on the Trending in Education podcast.    Skillshare is an online education platform with over 5 million users and over 20,000 classes taught by a network of 6,000 teachers across dozens of fields. 

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Creating ECommerce Customer Surveys

Small Business CEO

People will tell you pretty much anything you want to know—if you ask. Creating ecommerce customer surveys is a great way to learn what you’re doing well and what you could be doing better.

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3 Signs You Need to Run From That Job Offer -- Fast

45 Things

One of the nice things about the unemployment rate dipping below 4% is that job candidates are in high demand and are getting much nicer offers (more pay, free Doritos for life, massage chairs), but that doesn't mean all employers are going to make your life better.

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Tips for Starting a Medical Business

Small Business CEO

Healthcare is an essential need for everybody, and as the field advances, there is an ever-greater demand for specialized services beyond simply making an appointment with a doctor. There are countless specialty fields along with a wide variety of care options provided by non-physician caregivers.