Tue.Jul 17, 2018

50 Chrome extensions for business

Practically Perfect PA

If you use Google Chrome as your browser, then I am sure that you are aware of all of the brilliant extensions you can download to help with pretty much anything that you need to do on the world wide web. I use Chrome all the time and have a whole suite of extensions that […].

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Word Alert! Pompous Phrases Can Set an Arrogant Tone

Office Dynamics

With the spoken word, we have the privilege of adding voice intonation, hand gestures, and emotion with our vocal cords. That doesn’t happen as easily in writing. You might leave readers guessing about your intended meaning and risk setting a tone that can be misconstrued.

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Does Your Child Really Need Glasses? Here’s How You Can Tell

Dumb Little Man

Approximately one-third of children (under 18) in the United States wear glasses or contact lenses. Yet, many children don’t have the glasses they need. 14% of 5th graders went without needed glasses in the last year and nearly one-quarter of teens with correctable vision have the wrong prescription. Among African-American and Mexican-American teens, that rises to one-third who are wearing glasses with an insufficient prescription. The Role Vision in Learning.

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Use of Online Talent Marketplace by Independent Workers Continues to Grow

Small Business Labs

According to the 2018 MBO Partners State of Independence study , the use of online talent marketplaces by independent workers has substantially increased since 2012.

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5 Ways to Build a More Effective Web Presence

Small Business CEO

In today’s business industries, it is vital that you have a plan in place to build an extensive and effective web presence for your organization. Communication and socialization happen on a largely digital scale in modern society, so it is important to tap into the mainline of information flow.

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How to Know Your Business Is Ready to Go Remote

Small Business CEO

The workplace of tomorrow will probably look like your living room or home office. Or maybe even a local coffee shop. It will look like anything except an office, whether it’s a traditional one with cubicles or the modern one with lots of open space.

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Market Your Business to Success With These Excellent Hints

Small Business CEO

As a business owner you must surely understand and appreciate the appeal of marketing effectively. In fact, when you run a modern brand, the whole essence of your company is built on the way you market the business.

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