How to Get Off Your Butt and Start Running This Spring

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So instead of waiting for the fabled “I feel like going for a run” moment, I have set the date two weeks in advance, marked it on the calendar and in my mind committed to it, no matter what. Grab your free pdf e-book in the next second by signing up for the free newsletter. This year, for the first time in my life I decided to run a marathon. It’s a big deal for me. I''ve never tried long distance running in the past, so I am very excited about it.

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The ultimate app guide for assistants

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The current calendar app on the iPhone and iPad doesn’t allow for a week-to-view setting. This app looks similar to an outlook calendar which is useful. The app converts the report to a PDF and then you can send that via email to yourself. Like a lot of us these days I am glued to my iPhone and I have a lot of my life on my iPad.

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Quiz: Are You a Slacker?

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Download the PDF version here >> Instructions. You: a) Block your calendar for a day in order to get it done. Every office has one: The slacker who seems to weasel his way out of anything that even remotely involves work. We pick up after him. We cover for him. In general, we all think he’s a waste of space. But, as I said, every office has one. What if—dare I say it— you’re that slacker? Could it be possible?

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The NOW Year is Now Here


The NOW Year: A Practical Guide to Calendar Management has just been released and is available at the Productivityist Store. The initial release is in PDF format only, with future updates to include EPUB and Kindle formats. And just like with The Productivityist Workbook , I''ll be keeping a living document of Calendar Management Tools here at Productivityist. NOW is the time.

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The NOW Year and The New Year


There are some design elements for the PDF version (including some much needed edits) and the new release also includes an EPUB version — great for e-readers and iBooks — and the Amazon Kindle version. through Amazon , but you won''t get the EPUB and PDF versions through that purchasing method.). Before I wrap things up here and enjoy the holiday break, I wanted to touch on the ending of yet another calendar year.

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The 2012 Productivityist Holiday Gift Guide


NeuYear calendar. I’m big on visuals, and the NeuYear calendar gives me a bird’s eye view of my year in one place. Agenda Calendar. My iOS calendar app of choice. The ideal calendar app for the productivityist who uses iOS. (On Craig Jarrow and I have assembled a team of 10 top-notch contributors who will help you get 2013 off to an amazing start. Get the ebook, audio program, and quickstart PDF for only $10 today by clicking here.

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