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3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Brain Power

Dumb Little Man

Google "improve brain power" and you'll find all sorts of tips, techniques, books, and games explaining how you could improve your brain power.

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Real-World Experience Pays Off

On The Job

Journalism has always been one of those professions that demands experience before you even get your first job at a television station or newspaper.

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Did You Know Paper and Other Things in Your Office Hold Emotion?

Productive & Organized

OK, you may be thinking that I've lost my mind in telling you that paper holds emotion.    Maybe I have!    However, I also know that when I'm working with my clients, letting go is extremely hard for most.    So why is it so hard?    There is emotion to it! Develop a Positive Attitude!

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The Biggest Secret of Stellar Copywriting

Men With Pens

Do you ever wonder why so many ads, web pages and emails sound the same? And why is it that some copywriters get their content to sound so much better?

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Incredibly Simple Steps to Living a Truly Great Life

Dumb Little Man

Living a truly great life seems impossible. Days and weeks go by and is just feels like we're stuck in this never ending world of mediocrity. don't know. Maybe we're all defining 'great life' the wrong way. What does it mean to live a truly great life ? I can tell you one thing. It’s not up to society, our friends, or our family. We avoid risks.

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Sometimes You Choose Your Niche. Sometimes Your Niche Chooses You.

The Solopreneur Life

I ’ve never claimed to be a fast learner. Here’s the latest example: it took me 18 years to identify my niche. For quite some time, I’ve been mystified by my clients. In our initial conversation, they invariably say they have a reason for wanting to build a business that goes beyond a profit motive. Some have a spiritual purpose.

Keeping It All Together in Outlook 2010 WEBINAR

Office Dynamics

Hello, readers! We wanted to share this excellent opportunity for learning via the webinar below. always walk away with more than enough tips from these webinars to feel as if my time and financial investments were well spent. You can never know too much about technology! View this online. Your hands-on road map to the new Outlook. And much more!

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How to Save At Least 2 Hours a Day By Automating Your Business

Productive & Organized

I was talking with a small business owner earlier this week and sharing a bit about what I do.    He instantly told me that he could use our services, but did not have time to put anything new in place.  Does that sound familiar? At the end of the day, do you have ample time to spend with your family or give back to the community?

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The Aging in Place Market

Small Business Labs

We recently attended the Boomer Summit , a conference focused on the business opportunities being created by aging baby boomers.   One of the more interesting market opportunities we heard about was supporting aging boomers and seniors wanting to stay in their homes instead of moving to a retirement community or assisted care facility. trend

Top 5 Tips for Increasing Small Business Revenue

The Small Business Blog

Top 5 Tips posts from the SME Blog are always full of hints and tips for small, home & micro business owners. 1. One of your main aims as a business owner should be converting prospective leads into actual sales. proven sales script that works is vital for increasing your conversion rate. 2. Another…

2012 30
2012 30

A Few Rounds About Bullet Lists

Daily Writing Tips

Before reading this post you might wanna check one we published a while ago titled 7 Rules For Formatting Lists. ” A bullet list lets you. display a set of terms, phrases, or statements clearly. prevent reader fatigue or confusion in the form of a long run-in list in a sentence. bananas. cherries. automated teller machine. Style

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The Most Powerful Force In The Universe Is The Agreement

Brilliantly Better

Ever wondered what money is? know I did and not only once. The shortest answer I get when I ask around is: “pieces of metal or paper which can be exchanged for goods”. People don’t seem to have any difficulty whatsoever when giving me this answer. They even smile, like it’s the simplest thing in the world. mean, yes, you can use money for that.

What Is a Purpose-Driven Solopreneur?

The Solopreneur Life

T provide resources for solopreneurs who are building purpose-driven solo businesses. This begs the question: what does “purpose-driven” mean? Below is a list of characteristics I see in purpose-driven solopreneurs (keep in mind that not all of these characteristics are present in every solopreneur).

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2012 Goals 26

Business Planning – Why Bother?

The Small Business Blog

Business planning is, contrary to popular belief, not to get money from the bank or investor. 1. Business planning is about what; 2. business planning is about when; 3. business planning is about why; 4. business planning is about where; 5. business planning is about how. Business planning is for you, it will serve as…

2012 26
2012 26

8 Ways To Get To Super-Productive Flow Faster

Simple Productivity Blog

Mondays are productivity days at SimpleProductivity blog. Flow is that state where everything just flows out of you. So how can you get to flow? Block.

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5 Golden Nuggets from Be The Change Event

Office Organization Success

Suzanne Evans shared so much valuable and wonderful information during her 3-day event … attendees walked away with a huge binder-full of information. So I thought I’d share with you my top five take-aways from the event. 1. The way you do anything is the way you do everything. Do you show up late for appointments?

Do You Respect Your Own Time?

Step It Up VA Coaching

by Donna Toothaker. When it comes right down to it, our most valuable business resource is our time. If you’re like me, you have created systems and outsourced certain tasks so you can make the most of the time you have doing the most important things (like building and marketing your business). You don’t need that.

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Four Common Invoice Factoring Myths

The Small Business Blog

Invoice Factoring is increasingly recognised as an important part of business finance, particularly for SMEs. It operates as a viable alternative to a traditional bank loan and helps to promote a healthy cash flow. However, there are a number of misconceptions that cause many business owners to hesitate before taking advantage of it. In this…

5 Words Caught in Semantic Drift

Daily Writing Tips

Is it possible to simultaneously admire the vibrancy and flexibility of the English language and grumble about shifts in meaning that deprive the language of some of its richness? know it is, because I often do so. Here are five terms tainted by semantic drift: 1. Aggravate. Use of that meaning now predominates. Wordsmith H. W. Bemused. Nonplussed.

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Happy Easter 2012

Eco-Office Gals

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter! Post from: Eco-Office Gals Happy Easter 2012. Family

2012 31
2012 31

News on the Growing Contingent Workforce

Small Business Labs

Lot's of recent news about the continued growth of the contingent workforce, which is the term the corporate world uses for what we call the independent workforce - freelancers, contractors, independent consultants, temps, etc. Recent articles on this topic from the corporate point of view include: 1.   2.   3.   5.

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Sending flowers and customer service

Service Untitled

Mother’s Day is coming, and with that comes the busiest day of the year for florists. photo by: FlowersByMeredith.

The Suffix “-esque” and the Like

Daily Writing Tips

The suffix -esque , one of a class of what are called adjectival suffixes, is adopted from the French version of the Italian suffix -esco , related to the standard English adjectival suffix -is h, and all of them mean like, or “related to” or “characteristic of”; -esque is more specialized, while -ish has additional senses. ibility (invisibility).

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When a Demotion Makes Sense

On The Job

If you’ve ever been unemployed, you know the joy that comes from finally getting that job offer. And ticks you off a bit. Attending management class.

Industry Structures - Big Get Bigger, Small Get Smaller

Small Business Labs

We've done a lot of work looking at Barbell Industrial Structures. Our research has focused on industry revenue, profitability and market share.

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2012 Forms 18

Trello - Simple Collaboration with Cards and free


I have been invited to participate in a software beta test which is using an online tool called Trello to coordinate test feedback.

Prone vs. Supine

Daily Writing Tips

It’s easy to confuse the meaning of prone and supine — and it’s important to distinguish between them, because they’re antonyms. (I also discuss here some of the synonyms of each word.). Prone , from the Latin term pronus , means “inclined to,” and it is commonly used in this figurative sense as well as to mean “lying face down.”

Offshore, Team, Solo: A Client's Challenge to get the Help he Needs

Virtual Moxie

A new one here at VMoxie… a Pick Anastacia’s Brain question from a client! It’s appealing to me to have a ready-made team, but is it smart to do that with the US-based team when I could save so much money with the company in India? Henry, this is SUCH a great question. Thanks for letting me take a stab at helping you with it. that would hurt.

Big Data for the Little Guy

Small Business Labs

CIO Magazine has a good article on Intuit's "Big Data for the Little Guy" initiative.  This ongoing effort will create a series of products and services that allow small businesses and consumers to make their own queries on Intuit's extensive business and consumer data.   Big Data

Ken Thompson's bioteams microblog


You might not have noticed but a few weeks back I launched my bioteams microblog for short articles you can read in under a minute. News & Media

The Ups and Downs of “Left” and “Right”

Daily Writing Tips

Left has gotten a bad rap throughout history. Because of overwhelming majority of people are right-handed (most estimates are in the range of 85 to 90 percent), left-handedness has come to be associated with weakness — the word left itself is descended from an Old English word meaning “weak.”. Expressions

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Pinterest is of B(iz)interest

The Small Business Blog

The not so new kid on the social media block, Pinterest, is causing some waves. Question is – is it anything, business owners should get involved in? The short answer is YES. Pinterest is especially useful if you produce iconic goods, art or great visual material that looks good on a billboard. Essentially, you are…

Re-Elect or Reelect? Pre-Existing or Preexisting?

Business Writing

Have you ever wondered whether to put a hyphen after a prefix that ends with a vowel, when the same vowel follows the prefix? For example, do you wonder which choices are correct in the title of this blog post? Frequently Asked Questions Punctuation Pointers

2012 9

If This, Then That – It’s Like Having Your Own Virtual Assistant

Productivity Bits

A sure way to lighten your workload and instantly boost your productivity is by way of delegation. Or there is another option to that. If you cannot delegate, automate. This is how it usually works. Take Notes From Specific Email I am receiving email with specific subject which I want to take note of in an online note application.