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Revolutionary Ways Assistants Can Get Information from Their Managers

Office Dynamics

The theme for our 23rd Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence was The Revolutionary Assistant. We had 450 assistants from 11 countries attend.

2016 83

The London Times on the Future of Work

Small Business Labs

The London Times has an interesting special section on the future of work that was developed by the marketing content agency Ranconteur. 

2016 70

12 Days of Christmas Webinar: Goal Setting & Branding for 2017

Office Dynamics

In this brief webinar with Office Dynamics, we cover quick and impactful tips on goal setting and branding. Resources From the Goal Setting Webinar.

2017 132

Solving Bank Collection Compliance Issues For United States Financial Institutions

Small Business CEO

If you run or manage a financial institution, then you already understand how difficult staying ahead of collection compliance laws can be.

2016 57

20 Best Productivity Apps and Programs for 2017

Dumb Little Man

So you want to level up your earning potential, move towards work that’s more fulfilling, and do more with less effort. That’s awesome. So let’s begin.

2017 45

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Building Self Discipline For A Strong Personality

Dumb Little Man

Raise your hand if you’ve started a diet only to break it two hours later? Self discipline is a habit wanted by all but owned by only a rare few.

2016 48

The Proactive Professional: TV Interview!

Eat Your Career

hope you enjoy it! The post The Proactive Professional: TV Interview! appeared first on Eat Your Career. Uncategorized Video interview

12 Days of Christmas Webinar: The Accelerated Assistant

Office Dynamics

In our program today we talked about seven ways to become an accelerated assistant. Links to the programs will be sent daily. More about Simon Sinek.

2016 80

How Thinking Small Can Improve Your Writing

Business Writing

On the job, we strive to think big. We try to see the big picture and the long view. But thinking big can weaken our writing. Organizations.

2016 28
2016 Email 28

Q&A with Darren Cassidy, President of Xerox USCG, on Digitization Trends for 2017

Small Business CEO

Digitization is unavoidable.  Small business owners need to respond to the trend – or die. 

2017 37

Drained at Work? A Second Job Might be The Answer

Dumb Little Man

Are you feeling drained and listless at work? Some of us went to college with the hopes of a guaranteed job when we graduated. Consider your schedule.

2016 39

Want to work for a startup? What you need to know

Practically Perfect PA

With the end of the year hurtling towards us, many of you will be thinking about next year and potentially looking for a new job. Download the eBook.

2017 18

12 Days of Christmas Webinars: Get Things Done & Control Your Day

Office Dynamics

Escape the holiday overwhelm and join us for a quick and fun webinar. In this webinar we kick-off our special event, the 12 Days of Christmas.

2016 74

5 Challenges and Mistakes Faced by Every Solopreneur

Office Organization Success

At some point on your journey as a solopreneur, you will encounter at least one of these issues. How will you handle it?

2016 21

5 Tips for Hiring Better Sales Account Executives

Small Business CEO

Salespeople play a crucial role in the success of any organization. After all, they are the ones who generate the revenue a company needs to grow.

5 Ways To Keep Your Skin Healthy This Winter

Dumb Little Man

The winter months bring some of our favorite holidays filled with loved ones and delicious food. Exfoliate. Moisturize. Wear Sunscreen. Remove Makeup.

2016 39

Emigrants vs. Immigrants vs. Migrants

Daily Writing Tips

What’s the difference between an emigrant and an immigrant, and where do migrants fit in? Migrator is an alternative.) Misused Words

2016 16

3 Ways to Manage Stress During the Holidays

Office Dynamics

Christmas is only 3 weeks away. And that’s OK.). What steps do you need to take to ensure you meet those deadlines? Limit interruptions.

Podcast 034: Make a “not to do” list

Clutter Coach

by Subscribe:  iTunes  ⋅   Stitcher  ⋅   Soundcloud  ⋅   YouTube   ⋅   Google Play. You can leave a review here! In this episode, I’ll talk about how to make your to do list more effective by taking some of the items off and putting them onto a “not to do” list. Here Here are some highlights: But I need to do all of this!

7 Essential Types of Insurance for Every Small Business Owner

Small Business CEO

As a business owner, you might be wondering what kind of insurance policy you should get. General Liability Insurance. Commercial Auto Insurance.

5 Easy Healthy Habits You Can Start Straight Away

Dumb Little Man

Exercising and making dietary changes are often two sure-fire ways to improve our health. Unfortunately, it is truly much easier said than done.

2016 37

The Many Meanings of Quarter

Daily Writing Tips

Quart and quarter come from Latin by way of French; in Latin, quartus means “the fourth”; it is cognate with four. Vocabulary

4 Fresh Meeting Trends and Where to Find Them

Office Dynamics

In the midst of our constantly-changing culture and ever-more-digital world, the meeting and events industry is the next realm to be updated. Built.

2016 68

How to Be in Two Places at Once


The first movie my wife and I ever watched from the comfort of a living room couch was A Walk to Remember. (I still “might” tear up when watching it.). There’s a scene in the film where Landon (the boy) fulfills Jamie’s (the girl) wish about being in two places at once when they straddle a state line. The past is behind, learn from it. Monson.

Top 10 Places To Shop In The UK

Small Business CEO

The Christmas shopping season is upon us and that means everyone is scrambling to get their gift list completed.

6 Stepping Stones Of A Successful Married Life

Dumb Little Man

I’d like to share with you the secrets of our successful married life in my personal story below. brief memoir of the same is given below….

2016 35

Style Quiz #8: Not Only… But Also

Daily Writing Tips

Not only did she mimic his voice, but her descriptions were replete with meaning. 2. They’re not only loud but also messy. 5. Answers and Explanations.

2016 3

12 Days of Christmas Webinar: Riding the Wave of Change

Office Dynamics

In this program we continue the festivities of the 12 Days of Christmas Webinar Series with our topic, Riding the Wave of Change. USA Today.

2017 28

Key Smart Manufacturing Technologies

Small Business Labs

They see this as changing the competitive landscape of of manufacturing industries by reducing the relative competitive advantage of low-wage nations.

Blog Marketing Tricks You Should Try

Small Business CEO

Do you have a blog? How many people are viewing it on a regular basis? What’s the point in blogging if no one is there to read your blog.

Three Ways to Build Trust In Your Life

Dumb Little Man

Trust is foundational for any relationship, whether business or personal. When trust breaks, a fracture occurs in the relationship.

2016 19
2016 Goals 19

Geographical Abbreviation

Daily Writing Tips

This post outlines the use of abbreviation to refer to geographical locations and other references to location. Style

2016 3

12 Days of Christmas Webinar: Question and Answer with Joan Burge

Office Dynamics

We’ve been having a holly, jolly, super fun and festive time with our 12 Days of Christmas Webinar Series event. Answer: Fly Girl by Senegence.

2016 28

How to Get Others to Embrace New Ideas

On The Job

For leaders who want to persuade teams to accept new processes , the answer may be in the kitchen.