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10 Wrong Ways to Start Your Emails

Business Writing

Do you want your email readers to delete your messages immediately? Then you must avoid these 10 bad ways of starting emails. ​ 1.

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21 Ways to Shrink the Email Monster

Business Writing

Are you haunted by too much email appearing nonstop, lurking in your inbox, and raising your anxiety level?

Email Management: 5 Top Tips for Managing Your Emails

Office Organization Success

“Help! I’m in email overload.” Comments such as: “Emails – yikes!” Utilize email filtering tools.

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Business Email: Essential and Affordable

The Small Business Blog

For many businesses, free cloud-based email isn’t fit for purpose. That’s why the Email app from WinWeb is so useful to businesses.

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Infographic: Email Marketing

The Small Business Blog

Email Marketing still has a lot of value, especially for small businesses that need to keep in regular contact with their clients.

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8 Principles to Manage Emails in No Time

Dumb Little Man

How much time do you spend checking emails? Assuming we don’t check emails during the weekend…THAT’S STILL OVER 28 DAYS A YEAR.

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Email Matters

Daily Writing Tips

The ease of dashing off an email is both a convenience and a deadly snare. Email Address. Begin your email with the recipient’s name.

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5 Effective Email Marketing Best Practices for Small Business

Small Business CEO

But email remains among the most efficient and cost-effective ways for a small- to medium-size business to promote itself and generate business.

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Tips for Proofreading Emails Like a Pro

Business Writing

This month''s free Better Writing at Work e-newsletter features the article "10 Tips for Proofreading Your Emails." Email Proofreading

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Email Expectations: Getting Executives and Assistants to See Eye-to-Eye

Office Dynamics

In the modern business world, email is a constant force pressing upon us. Email isn’t restricted to typical working hours.

Synchronize Your Email Manually (The Productivity Gem nobody talks about)

Dumb Little Man

Poor email usage is without a doubt the #1 time killer for white-collar workers. The group of stoners outperformed the email group by 6 points.

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10 Things NOT to Tell Your Email Readers

Business Writing

Sometimes people say things in email that would be better left unsaid. Email Etiquette

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Read Carefully Before You Write That Email

Business Writing

Emails have their problems. But one serious, time-wasting email problem has nothing to do with writing. Courteous Writing Email

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5 Tips to Ensure Your Emails Get Opened (and Read)

Office Organization Success

It’s getting harder and harder to get your subscribers to open your emails… Let alone read and act on them! Radio. Television.

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When to Write a Memo, Not an Email

Business Writing

Before emails demanded everyone’s attention, people communicated internally through a medium called the interoffice memorandum—the memo.

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Don't Be Driven by the Three-Email Rule

Business Writing

Lately people in business writing classes have been asking about the three-email rule. Courteous Writing Email Etiquette

3 Simple Sign-up Strategies to Grow Your Email List!

Office Organization Success

If you’re not fully maximizing your website you’ll be missing out on new subscribers. Using Exit Grabber Software. ” at [link].

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How To Handle Hundreds Of Emails In Just One Hour


As a result, my email went from around 30 a day to well over 150. already knew the theories of inbox zero, yet here I was, drowning in email. A few of the stupid things I tried to manage the e-mail: * Folders.  This made finding a specific email very time consuming. review email twice a day now. Archiving everything.

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6 Email Principles To Boost Productivity And Reduce Stress


David Ly Khim is a growth marketer for Sidekick  by HubSpot where he writes about email productivity. Email is a strange beast.

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Administrative: Email Signatures and Sign-Offs

Office Dynamics

Using professional email sign-offs is just one way to maintain your professionalism when using email to communicate.

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Gmail Email Management: Create Filters and Labels for Quick and Easy Email Organization

Office Organization Success

We all know that email is a huge source of overwhelm for many solopreneurs, and also one of the biggest time drains. Get quick and easy access.

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Celebrating the 44th Anniversary of Email

Small Business CEO

This year, email celebrates its 44th anniversary. In honor of email’s 44th year, let’s look back at what the first 44 years have included.

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How do assistants ensure their emails are read?

Practically Perfect PA

hate, hate, hate having a cluttered email inbox and always have a slight panic when I have more than 10 emails in there at any one time!

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Today, Your Email is an Engagement Tool – PointDrive Makes Sure it Stays that Way

Small Business CEO

The funny thing is, so many of us are still doing what worked 10 years ago: buying lists, cold calling, sending spammy sales emails.

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Think Before You Reply: Email Best Practices

Business Writing

You have probably seen a slogan beneath email signatures that says something like this: "Please consider the environment before printing this message." Many people are tired of that suggestion, and a few readers joined me in creating whimsical email slogans. Email Etiquette

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Email Triage: What it is and how it can help you

ProAssisting Blog

Then I quickly scan through for any emails from my boss as action items for the upcoming week. sounds like you get a lot of email… #3.

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3 Ways To Break The Email Habit And Improve Mental Focus


I have a confession to make—I’m a bit of an email addict. As a self-employed freelance writer, checking email is directly connected to my work.

Make Your Email List Better – By Making It Smaller

Small Business CEO

In the world of email marketing, prevailing wisdom is that bigger is better — at least when it comes to the size of your subscription list.

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5 Best Email Management Practices

Office Organization Success

Just think about your own inbox for a second … how many emails do you get bombarded with each day? This is what’s known as double opt-in. You

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Outlook Tip: Create Rules and Folders for Simple Email Management

Office Organization Success

Do you get a ton of emails each day? For example, I belong to several different networking groups and receive daily emails from all of them.

Top Tips and Tools For Managing Emails

Office Organization Success

Earlier this week a client email me asking, “Do you have 2 separate email accounts, one for business and one for personal. Warning!

Use Email to Stay Organized

Clutter Coach

He said that he uses his email program. He continues to add to them during the day, including notes from conversations and other emails.

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Grab Your Email Broadcast Checklist Here

Office Organization Success

If you’ve ever received a duplicate email from an ezine publisher but the second email says something like, “ReSend” or “Correct Link Enclosed” in the subject line, you know they’ve sent their email out without first checking it! And the event I attended was just as great too.

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Taming the Email Monster

Office Dynamics

Taming the Email Monster. How many emails are in your inbox right now? When someone asks you if you have received their email, will you bend the truth to ‘cover’ for yourself because you won’t know? You have email overwhelm! Or everyone ‘replies to all’, or adds on to long email threads. Farmington Hills MI 48333.

Why Email Marketers Can Relax About the New Gmail Tabs

Men With Pens

My emails will never be read because they’re not in your main inbox. Gmail’s out to get small businesses. This isn’t true, for several reasons.

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Gmail Email Management: Create Filters and Labels for Quick and Easy Email Organization

Office Organization Success

We all know that email is a huge source of overwhelm for many solopreneurs, and also one of the biggest time drains. Get quick and easy access.

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How to Avoid Bullet-Hard Emails

Men With Pens

You should hear me when I write an email. mumble, I whisper, I grin and give a little snort… I’m a noisy, noisy writer. Stiff.

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The history of email

The Small Business Blog

Guest Blog Apple ARPANET business email email Eudora Mimecast

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Why Email Marketing Tools Are Costing You More Than You Think

Small Business CEO

The email marketing software that may have once worked for you has become yesterday’s legacy tool for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

2016 19

Outlook Tip: Create an Email Template

Office Organization Success

For example: if you find you keep sending the same email again and again, create an email template – it’s very easy to set up in Outlook and is a huge timesaver (I’m all for that!).  Here’s a link from Microsoft’s website on how to create an email template in Outlook 2007: Create and Use an Email Template.

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