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Top Ten Small Business Trends for 2012

Small Business Labs

  2012 will see more small businesses recognize and take advantage of this key competitive advantage.   This growing ability to network, collaborate and socialize is making independent work more attractive, and 2012 will see the trend towards independent work continue to grow.  GDP increasing 2.5%-3.0%. 

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Solopreneurs Generated $1 Trillion in Revenue in 2012

Small Business Labs

million in 2012. The U.S. Census recently reported that the number of U.S. nonemployer businesses reached 22.7 from 2011.

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Happy Easter 2012

Eco-Office Gals

Post from: Eco-Office Gals Happy Easter 2012. Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter! Family

2012 31
2012 31

Your Vote Counts! 2012

Eco-Office Gals

Who can vote? Where do I vote? When do I vote? What is the history behind voting in the US? No excuses! This a right fought for brutally, in history.

2012 33
2012 33

New Year's Wishes for 2012

Business Writing

People from around the world have been writing to me in search of the correct wording for new year's messages to their English-speaking friends and associates. To help them, I have composed these brief messages as models. hope you. Courteous Writing Email Global Communication How to Write

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2012: My Year in Review

Productivityist by Mike Vardy Start Here Archives Store Contact 2012: My Year in Review Posted on 12/30/2012 // Leave a Comment Last year I offered up a year in review post , and i’m doing it again this year. What else did I do in 2012? How did 2012 treat you? will turn 38. Including writing. will write a song. Not so much.

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Top 5 Tips for Starting a New Business in 2012

The Small Business Blog

The top 5 tips weekly post is always full of hints and tips for small, home & micro business owners. 1. Don’t be afraid to seek out a mentor to help and guide you. Starting a business is a daunting prospect for many of us. 2. You will need to conduct extensive research – but…

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2012:The Year Enterprise Rocks

The Small Business Blog

Making it Better and Fairer It will be a rocking good start to 2012. The UK Enterprise Rockers movement is inviting journalists to kick off 2012 by covering the launch of our #MicroBizMatters campaign. The Enterprise Rockers, all micro business owners, have chosen Scarborough to host the media launch event at noon on January 9th

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2012 2011 33

Planning for 2013: Looking Back to 2012

Simple Productivity Blog

It was only by recognizing that I struggled with many things that I found the space to adjust my plans so that I was able to relax and recover (to a certain extent) in 2012. In 2012 I found that I have the strength to walk away from the things that are sucking my soul dry. All in all, I was satisfied with 2012. Looking Back.

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Season’s Greetings 2012

The Small Business Blog

To All Our Readers, Followers & Friends May the magic of Christmas Bring wealth and prosperity to your home like a Christmas that brings merry and fun to the season Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

2012 16
2012 16

Presidential Environmental Track Record and Positions 2012

Eco-Office Gals

Post from: Eco-Office Gals Presidential Environmental Track Record and Positions 2012. – Jane Miller, Chicago, IL. or breakfast cereal.

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Euromonitor's Top 10 Consumer Trends for 2012

Small Business Labs

I guess Euromonitor decided better late than never and just released their Top 10 Consumer Trends for 2012.  Their top 10 are: City Living Reigns  Consumer Vigilantes Speak up! DIY Life. Emerging Market Shoppers. Green Thrift. Reality Culture and Consumers. Smartphone Universe. Tech Lifestyles Vs. Slow Living and the Best of Both.

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The Most Overused Words of 2012

Daily Writing Tips

Original Post: The Most Overused Words of 2012. Often, however, the extension of a term to a new connotation invites contempt. Vocabulary

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The Job Woes of the Class of 2012

Small Business Labs

Today's New York Times has an editorial on the job woes of the class of 2012. It's covers much of the same ground we did in yesterday's post  on Gen Y and Seniors turning to independent work. percent.  Not good - and a key reason why increasing numbers of young adults are turning to independent work.  

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2011 Survey Results: Solopreneurs Are Optimistic About 2012, Despite Challenges

The Solopreneur Life

S olopreneurs are optimistic about 2012, even as they face challenges with cash flow, time management, marketing, and other aspects of their solo businesses. Solopreneurs have high hopes for 2012; 53 percent of those surveyed said they expect a revenue increase of 20 percent or more in 2012. Revenue Expectations for 2012.

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2012 – The Aftermath

Brilliantly Better

I know I already sketched the most important things I did in 2012, but, following the tradition on this post I’ll do an aftermath too. Technically, this post is written in the last hours of 2012, but I decided to publish it in the very first hour of 2013, for beauty reasons. Blogging Business Personal Development 2012 aftermath

2012 Is a Time for Success!

Office Dynamics

Decide that 2012 will be your year for success and prepare for it to happen. As this years winds down to a close I wanted to share some thoughts with you. Did you know that opportunity comes to everyone? People often handle life as they do bad weather. They while away the time waiting for it to stop. For time and chance happen to everyone.

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I Invite You to Make 2012 Different - Take a stand and say YES with me.

Productive & Organized

    Starting January 18, 2012 and running through February 29, 2012 You can Fire Up Your Business! LET'S FIRE IT UP IN 2012!  Warning - this message may be a bit more harsh than you are used to reading from me.    Read it anyway! But, have you realized that dream? You want to take vacations. 

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15 Grammar Goofs that make you look silly

ProAssisting Blog

Like this infographic? Get more copywriting tips from Copyblogger

2012 179
2012 179

30 Things I Did In 2012

Brilliantly Better

Blogging Personal Development 2012 lifeAlthough, technically, we still have 2 more weeks until the end of the year, I decided to publish this blog post right now. know many things can (and, according to my schedule, will) happen in the next two weeks, but I needed a time and place for this blog post. It’s a recap. A [.].

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Americans Donated $370 Billion to Non-Profits in 2012

Small Business Labs

According to the Atlas of Giving they donated $370 billion to charities of various types in 2012. Americans are a generous people. trends

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Top 5 Tips for London 2012

The Small Business Blog

Top 5 Tips posts from the SME Blog are always full of hints and tips for small, home & micro business owners. 1. The London Olympics are expected to cause travel chaos for small businesses and the general public this Summer. Make sure that all your vital journeys are well planned in advance and that…

2012 16

The Word of the Year for 2012

Daily Writing Tips

Original Post: The Word of the Year for 2012. Your eBook : Click here to download the Basic English Grammar ebook. Vocabulary

2012 12

Social CRM: An Idea Whose Time has Come?

Customers Rock!

Social Media CRM, or Social CRM, is getting a lot of air time these days. But where does it fit? Today’s post is by Laurie Shook. Laurie. Volume.

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Tips on good minute taking

Practically Perfect PA

Pin It. Remember that minutes should capture the three points below – nothing more nothing less: What was decided. What was accomplished. Agreed to.

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Customer-Obsessed Service

Customers Rock!

Social media has pushed customer service to the forefront for many organizations. In my book , I talk about Killer Customer Service. Expectations.

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The Lost Art of Encouragement

Dumb Little Man

We've all heard of American literary great Walt Whitman. find it the most extraordinary piece of wit and wisdom that America has yet contributed.

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7 Life Changing Quotes from Will Smith

Dumb Little Man

Willard Christopher Smith, Jr. is one of the most successful actors alive today. He has enjoyed success in music, television and film. Start now. 7.

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Stop procrastinating! How to Overcoming and Avoid Procrastination - 30 Tips

Productive & Organized

Procrastination is the #1 reason business owners find that their business stalls. How do you fight procrastination? Definition of Procrastination.

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Beauty Trends for 2012

Small Business Labs

  Key summary quote from the article: " consumers are still insecure about spending; the luxury market is taking off; technology is increasingly integral to retailing; consumers are starting to keep it local." 5 Beauty Trends , from the same issue, covers the 5 key product categories expected to be important in 2012

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7 Gratitude Secrets Every Pessimist Should Know

Dumb Little Man

If there was ever a time in history to be a pessimist, it’s today. It’s good not to give your hopes up, right? You show gratitude. Health Happiness

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Infographic: UK SME Stats 2012

The Small Business Blog

Interested in the UK small business stats from 2012 regarding employment and turnover? Business Infographics infographic sme performance

Six Thought-Provoking Quotes from Albert Einstein

Dumb Little Man

Do you want to live a more enjoyable and creative life? One great way to get inspired is by reflecting on words of wisdom from the past. Success Hero

2012 142

8 Lies You’ve Been Told About Following Your Passion

Dumb Little Man

Are you doing what you truly want to do? Are you following your passion to the best of your ability? In fact, often the opposite is true. That’s life.

2012 149

Time to Kill Your Mental Boundaries

Dumb Little Man

What do you believe about yourself? It is remarkably easy to become convinced of your limitations. This actually is very beneficial in many cases.

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13 Ways to De-Stress, Lighten the Load and Feel Like Yourself Again

Dumb Little Man

Are you feeling tired, frustrated, overloaded and overwhelmed? Are you easily stressed out and irritated by the little things ? Relaxation Stress

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Lithium’s Customer Heroes

Customers Rock!

Photo credit: Top, Becky Carroll; Bottom -Lithium Technologies video from LiNC 2012 , Paul Gilliham). Here are some of my key takeaways. Heroes.

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The Importance of Being Early

Dumb Little Man

We all notice the people who are always late. There’s no hiding it when a report is handed in after a deadline. Getting work done early.

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The Final Stretch of 2012: Three Questions to Ask Yourself

Eat Your Career

To help you feel a little more in control and ensure you get the most out of the final days of 2012, here are three questions to ask yourself: 1.

2012 11

London 2012 Olympics – Even Better Business

The Small Business Blog

Excitement for the London 2012 Olympics is visible everywhere in London these days, but how do you enjoy the games when you have a business to run? You may even be one of the lucky ones and have a ticket to an event. Or you fear the interruption it will cause to your daily business…

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