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Using social media to empower Assistants

Practically Perfect PA

If you are nervous of engaging on social media – my advice is to simply look, listen and learn.  Training for social media superheroes.

Managing your social media content

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These days most of us will have some sort of social media account. Most often it is Facebook, followed closely by LinkedIn and Twitter.

Infographic: Social Media Analytics

The Small Business Blog

The in-built functions of Facebook and Twitter… Read the full article here: Infographic: Social Media Analytics on: THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG.

Infographic: Social Media Influence

The Small Business Blog

If your small business does not see the value of social media, it is probably losing out in some way.

Using social media to empower assistants

Practically Perfect PA

There are many many benefits for assistants to be involved in social media activities. Managing your social media content.

5 Tips to Use Social Media for eLearning Content

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So you want to promote your eLearning content on social media. These days, everyone and their mother is trying to promote their business on social media. It’s not as easy as it looks, so here is some actionable advice you can use to reach your social media goals. 1. Well, you’re not the only one.

Infographic: Social Media Cheat Sheet

The Small Business Blog

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Using your social media skills at work

Practically Perfect PA

Over the last few weeks I’ve been writing about social media and how best assistants can use it for their professional lives.

Measuring the Impact of Social Media

Customers Rock!

This post is part of the Social ROI Blog Carnival at Think Customers: the 1to1 Media blog. What are the costs? Measuring the gains.

Customer Service Through Social Media: The game has changed

Customers Rock!

Harry is with Useful Social Media , and I will be presenting at their New York Conference on Social Media and Customer Service next week.

Social Media Do’s and Don’ts for assistants

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Do you think assistants should use social media for professional purposes? Do use social media for different aspects of your career.

Do You Feel Lucky? You’d Better Be If You’re Using a Social Media Page as Your Business Website.

Tips From T. Marie

Businesses who are using a Facebook Page rather than their own website. Let’s start with the following: People abandon social media.

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Top 5 Tips for Maximising ROI with Social Media

The Small Business Blog

Social media has become another one of those “must-do” daily tasks for the average entrepreneur. But how can you avoid simply wasting time on social media and maximise… Read the full article here: Top 5 Tips for Maximising ROI with Social Media on: THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG.

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Using Social Media to Build Relationships

Customers Rock!

A lot of businesses love social media because they feel it helps them spread the word about their organization and what they do.

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Why Use Social Media While in Transition?

Job Advice Blog

Interview Skills by Alex Freund Alex Freund Career coacing Facebook landingexpert LinkedIn Social Media TwitterStarting around 2008, many organizations’ human resources departments needed to eliminate their own staffs, and thus many of the traditional human resources functions got bounced over to the respective hiring managers.

The Zen of Social Media Marketing

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REAL TALK about social media

Loosely Speaking

Speaking of This … here are a few related posts from the Loosely Speaking archives: Not that social with your social media?

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Top 5 social media tips for small businesses

Ian's Messy Desk

Timing is everything:  Schedule your posts for the time of day and day of the week when the majority of your users are on social media.

Embracing Social Media for Business

The Small Business Blog

Social media sites are not longer just the realm of individuals, and those who regularly read my blog know I’m a huge advocate of the power of social media for small businesses. Here are a few ways to take advantage of social media for your business. Social Media Social media for business

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How to Make Powerful Connections Through Social Media

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Last year Facebook passed up Google for the most visited site in the world. Yet, for many, the full potential of social media eludes them.

Social Media Wows!

Loosely Speaking

Everybody is using one or more of the social networks these days.

Social Media Basics for Bootstrap Businesses

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What You Can Learn from @Charter about Social Media

Tips From T. Marie

just gave you the secret to making social media work for you and your business. What did I do?  I allowed people to get to know me.

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Is Your Social Media Campaign Falling on Deaf Ears?

Small Business CEO

Presumably, your company’s reasoning for using social media in the first place is more than likely at fault. Big mistake!

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How to Use Facebook for Your Business

The Small Business Blog

As Facebook has grown, so have the opportunities and challenges for businesses to get in front of their ideal consumers.

Strategies for Automating Some (Hopefully not All) of Your Social Media Content

Productive & Organized

I have been talking with people about social media a lot lately.  Have a Social Media Plan. Start with a plan! 

Why Surveys Show Wide Differences in Small Business Social Media Use

Small Business Labs

You many have noticed that different surveys show very different small business social media usage rates. They also show very different views on how effective social media is for small businesses.   social media  Another point of view comes from Citibank. So why the wide difference in results?

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Four Ways Social Media Has Changed The Recruitment Process

Small Business CEO

With over 60 percent of adults actively using social media, this gives companies greater access to a larger talent pool of qualified candidates.

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27% of Small Businesses Using Facebook

Small Business Labs

As the chart below (chart 14 from the report) shows, Facebook is used by 27% of small businesses for business purposes.  social media

Pinterest: The Underestimated Social Media Channel you Should be Using

Small Business CEO

Pinterest is one of the five biggies in social media, but despite this, quite often it’s not used by businesses. Not relevant.

How to Use Social Media and Stay Productive


Let me start with a confession: I really like to use social media. I don’t like to use news websites or watch the news on TV, so social media is my main source of information. Working as a content writer, I also use social media to find out the challenges people face. Of course it is! Establish priorities. 

How Well Do You Manage Your Social Media Content Assets?

Productive & Organized

I was on the phone the other day with one of my private clients and we were talking about her social media strategy. 

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Will Facebook Replace Traditional Websites?

Small Business Labs

There's some really interesting data in the Network Solutions State of Small Business report on the impact of social media on traditional websites.    27% said they are planning on increasing their spend due to social media.    social media  What do you think?

Social Media, Joint Venturing and Building a Kick Butt Workshop Speaking Biz

Productive & Organized

We also connected via Twitter, LinkedIN and Facebook and she is a member of my secret Productivity Pros group on social media too.

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Administrative/Clerical: Social Media is Here to Stay

Office Dynamics

Social media has the power to connect professionals and consumers, making it a valuable tool in everyday business operations.

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Why You Should Spend Less Time Focusing on Spreading Your Social Media Circle and More on Specialization

Andrea Kalli

Why You Should Spend Less Time Focusing on Spreading Your Social Media Circle and More on Specialization.  . Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, LinkedIn – the mere mention of most social networks is enough to get a new media marketer working hard. Andrea Kalli Certified Internet and Social Marketing VA.

2011 26

What Can You Learn about Social Media from a Meteorologist? A Lot. My Interview with Brad Panovich (@WxBrad)

Tips From T. Marie

Categories: Blogging & Social Media. Business Tips Is social media right for everyone? Can Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Blogging & Social Media Business Tips make an impact no matter who/what you are? Example: has it changed the way meteorologists perform their jobs?

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How to treat bad comments on social media sites

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Try some of these tips: Respond to negative criticism immediately whether it is on Facebook, Twitter, or the company blog. Stay calm.

2012 27

Assistants Can Use Social Media To Their Advantage

Office Dynamics

Encouragement to participate on Facebook. Social Networking Tips. Here are just a few social networking tips to keep in mind.

2014 11

4 Good Reasons For Marketing With Facebook

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Have you ever thought of  marketing with Facebook ? If Facebook gives your business a personality. Business Entrepreneur Productivity