Ground rules for team meetings

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A really fundamental task for assistants is organising your department team meetings. If your organisation is anything like the businesses I used to work for I bet you organise A LOT of team meetings. Simple ground rules for team meetings.

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6 Clear Steps to Resolving Team Problems

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No team exists without some problems. It is important to the team relationship not to let problems tear down the team and reduce the team’s effectiveness. Some ways to resolving team problems are: Have clear team goals.

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Benefit Your Team

The Small Business Blog

Many small businesses are a closely knit team. Read… Read the full article here: Benefit Your Team on: THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG. WinWeb WinWeb Apps team building team members teamwork virtual team

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Let’s talk team bonding

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A bonded team is a happy team, and happy teams are engaged, motivated and ready to do their best work. Team Bonding is just one part of Employee Engagement. When a team is aligned, energized and working together towards a common goal, nothing can stop them!

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Organising the best team building event ever

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Organising team building events seems to be one task that most assistants are asked to manage, which is not much of a surprise considering we are pretty awesome at organising events! However, team building is actually pretty tricky. Ask your team what they want to do.

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Why Do Administrative Teams Have So Much Drama?

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On a recent webinar, Joan noticed a question that caught her attention: Why do so many administrative teams have drama? On any administrative team, you’re likely to find a wide variety of personalities. Below, I’ve listed the 5 most common reasons I’ve seen for drama amongst administrative teams, along with some recommended solutions. Solution: Work with others on your team to clarify roles and define individual expectations.

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9 Step Process To Manage Your Remote Team

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However, managing a remote team requires a framework that needs to allow for all team members across different time zones to collaborate effectively. At the start of the week, we assign tasks to each member with a team lead following their progress and helping them with their issues.

A team away day with a difference

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Many of us are often asked to find venues for team days or to organise corporate events. So, if you are planning a team day, looking for a venue for a private function or corporate event, then why not consider hiring one of the schools?

Quote of the Week: Teams

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The topic of the quote this week is “TeamsTeam-building exercises are now an important part of many management strategies and in fact a lot of organisations place so much value in them that they allocate nearly as much (or more!)

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The Prisoners Dilemma, Trust, Cooperation and Effective Teams


Team Leadership DevelopmentImage Source: Chalkdust Magazine. I have been reading Lord Sacks daily thoughts "Celebrating Life" and was impressed by his piece on "The Prisoners Dilemma" which I have written about previously and in my new book.

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Research: Every Team Needs a Devil's Advocate

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Specifically, researchers found that teams can benefit from a "skewed conflict." While that may sound like another "Divergent" sequel, it means that a small group -- or even just one person -- plays devil's advocate and pokes holes in a team's approach to a problem.

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How to Sell Something New to Team

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It’s clear that digital is rapidly changing the way customers do business, and that means that sales teams must also change if they want to continue to be viable sources of products and services for those customers.

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Does challenging people make team building more effective?

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Question: “My boss wants me to research all-day team-building activities that, in her words, will ‘make people suffer a little.’ Does putting people in uncomfortable situations really make them a better team?

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What Managers Should Know About Motivating Their Team

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Do you want to know how to motivate your team ? Motivated employees will also be good team players and good teamwork is essential for any successful business. Here are some tips on how to motivate your team: Identify Strengths.

Quiz: Are You a Team Player?

Eat Your Career

Let’s face it: Everyone wants to be a team player. Some people are so consumed with their own work; they forget to support their team—or they flat out don’t care. It isn’t always easy to be a part of a team. After all, if you don’t help your team, they won’t help you.

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Inspire Your Team, and Everybody Wins

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As a Virtual Assistant, it’s likely you have team members that help you in supporting your clients. . And, for many of you, you may also have a team to support YOUR OWN business! What does your team mean to your business? If your business is running optimally, your team is likely RUNNING your business! Having a team has allowed your business to expand, offer a wide variety of services, take on more clients, and bring in more income. by Donna Toothaker.

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4 Fun Office Activities to Help Bring Your Team Together

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Team building activities are extremely rare in businesses outside corporations. The following 4 team building activities are great for a spur-of-the-moment morale boost for your entire staff: 1. … Human Resources employee morale office activities team building activities

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3 Ways Bosses Can Boost Productivity of a Team

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Good bosses ensure that teams and individuals are productive. Companies that don't boot bad bosses to the curb or at least re-train them to be better bosses might want to pay attention to new research that shows good bosses -- unlike bad bosses -- boost productivity.

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Hired, then abandoned–how to become part of the team?

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This month’s question from our friends at The Admin Pro Forum is from Maddy who is struggling to become part of the team at her new office. The post Hired, then abandoned–how to become part of the team?

3 Tips for Organizing Your Executive & Team Members

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This is the first thing you have to accept if you want to help someone, such as your executive or team member, get and stay organized, is chances are the person you’re trying to help doesn’t have the same style preferences as you do. By Julie Perrine.

Tips for Getting an Underperforming Team Back on Track

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When a team member starts to perform poorly it will affect your company’s business but when the whole team slips off track it can be a lot more serious. … CEO Leadership Human Resources business team team performance

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3 Tips to Organize Your Executive & Team Members

Office Dynamics

3 Tips for Organizing Your Executive & Team Members. This is the first thing you have to accept if you want to help someone, such as your executive or team member, get and stay organized. You can’t make others work the way you work.

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Team Building – An Essential Tool for Businesses of any Size

The Small Business Blog

… Read the full article here: Team Building – An Essential Tool for Businesses of any Size on: THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG. Business Events business event business events team building teamwork

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A day in the life: Laura O’Malley, Team Lead and Executive PA, Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust

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I am also the Team Lead for the Corporate PA Team, so I coordinate the teams work, ensure cover is arranged for annual leave, sickness etc. Occasionally the team will enjoy ‘dirty sandwich Friday’ where we all go over to the café and indulge in a naughty sandwich.

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Why Teams Don't Trust One Another -- and How to Fix It

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Trust also is becoming a bigger deal in companies, especially as cross-functional teams strive to develop a cohesive strategy to drive innovation. This all points to the fact that is can be very challenging for leaders to instill trust among cross-functional team members.

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This May Be the Reason Your Team Doesn't Have Enough Good Ideas

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Specifically, a study by Ryerson University published in the European Management Journal finds that despite past beliefs that “group cohesion” can only help a team’s performance, it can have a downside: groupthink. Being so friendly, he found, eventually hurt the team’s performance.

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Gretchen Rubin: How to Make Teams Better Than Ever

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If you want your team be happier and more productive, help them develop the individual habits that are right for them and you will reap the rewards of a better team. Do you have team members that drive you crazy? The result: unhappy teams who become less productive over time. “It’s

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7 Things Managers Need to Know About Handling Remote Teams

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Despite being extremely popular, especially among tech companies, remote team management is still an evolving concept. One of the many benefits of telecommuting teams is the lack of limitations when it comes to hiring a talented crew member.…

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Executives & Assistants… We Are Beyond a Team!

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Jasmine and I have been working as a team for 3 1/2 years, but I can honestly say, we are way beyond a team. Mgr/Asst Team Teamwork

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The Importance of Team Game Plans and RAPPORT


Team Game Plans are essential when team is faced with a new and challenging task , such as a business simulation game. So to have RAPPORT in your team you need to quickly agree your team's: R OLES. How will we divide up the team responsibilities?

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Three reasons why food should be part of every business and team meeting

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The post Three reasons why food should be part of every business and team meeting appeared first on Practically Perfect PA. Has anyone ever been happy about a mandatory meeting at work?

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Top teams understand the 4 different types of Teamwork in Nature


An effective team knows how and when to use each type - an ineffective team only uses one! For some a team is a group of people with a shared purpose. For others a team must also have a deadline. For others a team must also embody some degree of co-operative working.

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20 do’s and don’ts for team building events

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Over the years I’ve organised a variety of team building events from week long forums to after work drinks in the local pub. I would imagine that most assistants have been asked to arrange something for their team as we do tend to be the focal point for social activities in the office.

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How to Give a Dynamite Team Presentation

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We've all been there: While listening to a team presentation, we start to find it amusing when the team seems about as coordinated as a duck on roller skates. Too many teams are relying on them or their 'pitch books.'

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6 Things The Navy SEAL Team Six Can Teach Us About Getting Things Done

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Get Insider's Great Insights Into The Training and Operations of the Navy SEAL Team Six from the book, " SEAL Team Six: Memoirs of an Elite Navy SEAL Sniper " ]. There are six things the Navy SEAL Team Six can teach us about getting things done: 1. Once the mission has been defined, the Navy SEAL Team Six has set one goal – Get It Done. The Navy SEAL Team Six knew the consequences of their mission. Copyright © 2011 Marlon Ribunal.

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How Small Changes Can Build a Stronger Team

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Using scientific research, the authors explain how small changes can help you build a stronger team and make team members more productive and motivated. AB: Let’s say I’m a manager and I’m trying to figure out how to build better relationships among team members.

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The evolution of effective team working and how you can accelerate it


By observing newly formed and existing teams playing business simulations I have learned some important insights into how team-working 'evolves' and offer here some specific ideas on how you might accelerate this evolution in your own organizational teams.

2016 27

Tips for Getting Virtual Teams to Collaborate More

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Cert has expressed concern for Google’s remote team members who almost never see one another face to face, often working in different time zones. McGinty herself works remotely, and holds bi-weekly team meetings along with more casual conversations about benefits news with her remote team.

2016 28

A Leaders Guide to creating High Performing Teams (HPTs)


I am pleased to release a new white paper " A Leaders Guide to creating High Performing Teams (HPTs) ". A unique aspect of the framework is that it integrates both individual team member change management work and whole team process development work. Team Leadership Development

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Systemizing For Team Empowerment

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Yet sometimes one of the overlooked benefits is to give empowerment to your team, allowing them to find the information needed to be able to make decisions. As the CEO, your time is extremely valuable, and interruptions or distractions, for answering team questions or to give the ‘nod’ on something isn’t the best use of your time. This will hold all information about your company including information about your clients, team members, and vendors.

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